Alcohol Policy

General Policies:

  1. Persons under the age of 21 are not permitted to possess or consume alcohol.
  2. Official identification (a driver's license or a Wisconsin identification card) is required to verify that a person has attained the legal age for possessing and consuming alcohol. Identification must include a picture of the owner.
  3. No one may provide alcohol to underage persons. (Wisconsin State Chapter 125)
  4. No one may serve alcohol to any person who is bordering upon intoxication or who is obviously already intoxicated.

Campus Authority:

  1. Alcohol Beverages. The use or possession of alcoholic beverages (fermented malt beverages and intoxicating liquors containing 0.5% or more of alcohol by volume) is prohibited on all university premises, except in faculty and staff housing, and as permitted by the chief administrative officer, subject to statutory age restrictions. The chief administrative officer may generally permit the use or possession of alcoholic beverages by promulgating institutional regulations as provided under sec. UWS 18.09, or in specific instances by written permission.
  2. Under the authority of the UWS 18.06(13) and the conditions described in the UWP Alcohol Policy the Chancellor permits the use or possession of alcohol beverages in the following areas:
    1. in student housing units when and where specifically designated by the Director of Housing;
    2. Student Center when and where specifically designated by the Director of the Student Center;
    3. Dining Services facilities when and where specifically designated by the Director of Dining Services; and
    4. in any campus building or on any university lands when and where specifically designated and where prior authorization has been granted in writing by the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs.
  3. Individuals, as well as groups, are subject to revocation or restriction of permission to possess and consume alcohol if behavior is determined to be in violation of the alcohol policies of the University. Other disciplinary action may be taken by the appropriate university officials.
  4. University sponsored events may be terminated by university officials if the event becomes disruptive, if the safety and security of individuals is threatened or if the alcohol policies of the University are violated.

Students and Student Organizations:

  1. Alcohol is not permitted as an incentive for participating in group activities, as prizes in contests of any sort, or as the primary focus of a gathering on the campus by any campus organization. Non-alcohol beverages and food items must be provided if alcohol is being served.
  2. On-campus advertising for social events may not include specific reference to alcohol as a part of the event. References to alcohol are prohibited in either printed word or graphic image.
  3. Social functions by student groups and organizations including residence hall groups, Greek organizations, clubs, and teams where alcohol is to be served:

UW-Platteville Buildings and Lands:

  1. Open containers of alcohol are prohibited on the grounds of the campus, Memorial Park (a.k.a. picnic grounds or driving range), the ÒMÓ, and the University Farm, except as permitted under regulation #6. At athletic events, possession or consumption of alcohol is prohibited by University and Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference regulations.
  2. Dining Services shall be the sole administrative unit authorized to conduct the sale of alcohol within university buildings or on university lands.
  3. When alcohol is served within university buildings or on university lands, the consumption of alcohol is restricted to the serving area. No carryout sales are permitted.
  4. Whenever alcohol is to be served within university buildings or on university lands, a special identification procedure will be established if underage persons are to be in attendance at the event. This may not apply to events that are private and catered by the university staff, e.g. receptions, banquets, etc.
  5. Additional alcohol policies and procedures pertaining to residence halls are published in the Residence Hall Handbook. Individuals with questions about the alcohol policy should contact the Office of Student Affairs (1st floor Brigham, 342-1854).

Date Effective: January 1, 1998

Policies Specific To Uw-Platteville Residence Halls:

  1. In residence hall rooms, alcohol may be present in the room only with the consent of the roommate. The use of alcohol by a resident is not to interfere with the needs and preferences of the roommate or other members of the community. If all residents of a room are under legal drinking age, NO alcohol is permitted in the room.
  2. Residence hall students using alcohol within the confines of an individual room are to keep the event private and be considerate of other residents.
  3. Keg and other bulk quantity alcohol containers (party balls, boxes of wine, single source dispensers, etc.) are restricted and may not be present nor used within student rooms nor common areas.
  4. In residence halls, when alcohol is present at a social gathering within a student room, and when at least eight persons are present, the event must be registered with a Resident Assistant of the building. Not more than fifteen persons are permitted at such a gathering. The room door must be closed. Events that include persons moving from room to room for the purpose of consuming alcohol are not permitted. Within residence halls, alcohol must be confined to individual student rooms. Social events within student rooms must end by 11:00 p.m. on nights preceding classes and by 1:00 a.m. on other nights, OR upon the beginning of wing or hall quiet hours if those hours commence prior to these stated times.

Revisions to Residence Hall section endorsed by RHC and University Alcohol Committee during the Spring 2000 semester.

Date Effective: August 2000