The Steering Committee is the governing body responsible for aligning the University Data Analysis project's functionality with UW-Platteville's strategic needs and is tasked with promoting widespread acceptance of the project, providing and soliciting diverse campus perspectives, and establishing project priorities.

Executive Sponsor: Robert G. Cramer, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Steering Committee Members:

Dennis Cooley: Assistant Chancellor for Advancement/Development
Robert Cramer: Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Jennifer M. deCoste, Assistant Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion
Dawn Drake: Executive Director, Distance Learning
William Hudson: Dean, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science
David Kieckhafer: Registrar
Mark Mailloux: Institutional Research Manager
Suzanne Traxler: Assistant Vice Chancellor and CIO, Office of Information Technology
Mittie Nimocks: Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Cathy Riedl-Farrey: Director of Financial Services/Controller
Elizabeth Throop: Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Education
Angela Udelhofen: Assistant Chancellor for Admissions and Financial Aid
David van Buren: Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean, Graduate Studies
Wayne Weber: Dean, College of Business, Industry, Life Science & Agriculture
Joanne Wilson: Interim Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs