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Budget Commission

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As most of you know by now, the University Academic Budget Committee (UABC) has been tasked with reviewing the budget reduction options and making a recommendation to the Faculty Senate by February 24th. To accomplish this task, UABC is meeting for two hours every Thursday at 4:30pm until March 1st. In light of the possibility of a larger number of guests, the meeting location will be variable. The location schedule is:

January 29 – Doudna 136
February 5 – Boebel 305
February 12 – Ullsvik 104
February 19 – Ullsvik 104
February 26 – Ullsvik 104 - Meeting has been cancelled - recommendation has been sent to Faculty Senate 

It is critical that UABC gathers input from our constituents during this process so we would like to begin by offering the following opportunities for verbal input. These are in addition to the university-wide open forums on January 26th and January 28th.

-All of the January 29th meeting (2 hours for guest comments)
-First half of the February 5th meeting (1 hour for guest comments)

The intent of the UABC forums is to give everyone a brief opportunity to share their comments. If you wish to speak at the UABC forum, please sign up as you enter the room; this will also be the order that we use to call people to the floor to share their comments. Additionally, please limit your comments to no more than 4 minutes so that we may ensure that everyone who wishes to speak will have the opportunity to do so. After everyone has had the opportunity to speak at the forum you may (emphasize may) be given more time. You are encouraged to have your speaking points on a notecard to turn in at the forum so that we may aggregate your comments with all of the other feedback that we receive. Additionally, constituents are encouraged to submit their ideas and comments electronically to

After constituent input has concluded on February 5th, the UABC will begin deliberations with the intent of producing draft recommendations on February 12th. Constituents will have the opportunity to submit electronic feedback regarding the draft recommendations from February 13th to February 18th. On February 19th the UABC will produce their finalized recommendation to the Faculty Senate.

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