Tree-Ring, Earth, and Environmental Sciences Laboratory

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The UW-Platteville TREES Lab

The UW-Platteville Tree-Ring, Earth, and Environmental Sciences Laboratory (TREES Lab) is a teaching and research laboratory with interests and activities that fall across the broad realm of physical geography. Our research focuses on reconstructing past environments to better understand current and future environmental change. Our primary research areas include dendroecology, geomorphology, and paleoecology. We also offer fee-based services in tree-ring, sediment, and charcoal analysis to academic laboratories, private businesses, and interested individuals.

The TREES Lab is housed in the College of Liberal Arts and Education and is staffed primarily by faculty from the Geography and Geology Program of the Department of Social Sciences. We are a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) site and conduct research across the state of Wisconsin, the Great Lakes Region, the United States, Canada, and Sweden. If you are interested in gaining research experience through an independent project or by working as a research assistant on one of our projects, please contact Dr. Evan Larson or Dr. J. Elmo Rawling III.

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TREES: Opportunities

  • Research technician needed to analyze anatomy of tree roots relative to exotic earthworm invasions - contact Evan Larson
  • Employment in the TREES Lab - contact us!
  • GEOG 4120: Undergraduate Research in Fire History and Ecology course offered Spring of 2014

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