Commuting By Bicycle

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Commuting to class or work by bike can be a fun and convenient method of travel. Commuting by bike offers many advantages including:

  • Keep Fit - Commuting by bike can be a great way to get a work out while traveling to work, school, or running errands around town. Research also shows that regular cycling can cut the chances of heart disease in half.
  • Biking can save you time – In many cases when the door-to-door time of a commute is considered biking can be just as fast as or faster than driving a car and finding a parking space. One will also save the cost of a parking permit.
  • Save Gas – Commuting by bike saves the cost of gas as well as wear and tear on a vehicle which will save money. Bicycles also provide a more environmentally friendly way to travel.
  • Wake Up in the Morning – biking is a great way to wake up in the morning.
  • Relieve Stress – Biking provides an excellent way to de-stress on the way home.

Tips for Commuting by Bike

  • Wear safety gear such as a helmet and bright clothing like a vest.
  • Ensure your tires are properly inflated before you ride. This will make riding easier and help prevent flats.
  • Be sure to obey all rules of the road. A bike is considered a vehicle just like a car. You should signal when turning, obey all traffic signals and signs, and ride with traffic at all times.
  • Plan your route before you leave. Planning a route can help you ensure you pick the best way to get to your destination.


The following accessories can help make a commute safer and easier:

  • Saddle that fits
  • Bags
  • Rack
  • Fenders
  • Lights and Reflectors
  • Mirror

Be sure to review the bicycle safety page for more safety tips.

Showers and Lockers

Showers and Lockers are available in the Williams Fieldhouse. Students, staff, and anyone with a PAC membership may rent lockers on a semester or yearly basis from the Athletic Administration Office in the Pioneer Activity Center.

Travel Times

Interested in finding out how long it might take to travel from one place to another by bike or in planning a bike route? Try Google Maps Bicycle Directions feature. On the main Google Maps page, just click on “Get Directions” and select the bicycle option before entering a location. Walking directions are also available.

*Thanks goes to Tim Ingram from Momentum Bikes for much of the information on this page.

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