Theatre Major

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Bachelor of Arts Degree

Total for Graduation: 120 credits
General Education: 44-58 credits
Major Studies: 45 credits

Students must complete 8 university-level credits in a foreign language.
Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 and a C or better in all courses within the major studies for graduation.

Mission Statement - Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

The theatre program at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is dedicated to high quality instruction in curricula emphasizing theatre history, literature, theory and criticism, stagecraft, design, directing and acting. The curriculum is structured to provide students with the fundamental background and specialized knowledge needed for analysis and understanding of theatre theories and practices. The degree is designed to serve students who will be pursuing a career in theatre performance, technical theatre or continued study in the field at the graduate level. Theatre majors may also seek Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction certification in Theatre.

Goals for Program Graduates

  1. Graduates will develop and demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and contextual understanding of theatre history, theory and dramatic literature, as these areas of theatre study form the foundation for all areas of theatre production.
  2. Graduates will develop and demonstrate competency in areas of theatre production/performance—acting, directing, stage management and design—culminating in a senior capstone project.
  3. Graduates will develop and demonstrate competency in critical and analytical thinking skills by effectively communicating and implementing their knowledge of theatre in numbers 1 and 2 above both verbally and in writing.

Theatre Emphasis (45 credits)


  • Theatre 1130 Introduction to Theatre 3 cr
  • Theatre 1230 Stagecraft 3 cr
  • Theatre 1340 Introduction to Design 3 cr
  • Theatre 2730 Beginning Acting 3 cr
  • Theatre 3130 Play Analysis 3 cr
  • Theatre 4330 Directing 3 cr
  • Theatre 4630 History of Theatre I 3 cr
  • Theatre 4730 History of Theatre II 3 cr
  • Theatre 4930 Senior Capstone 3 cr

Students must complete 6 credits of the following (at least 2 in Practicum II):

  • Theatre 2220 Practicum I 1 cr.
  • Theatre 3450 Practicum II 1 cr.

One of the following:

  • Theatre 3210 Lighting Design 3 cr
  • Theatre 3240 Costume Design 3 cr
  • Theatre 3250 Scenic Design 3 cr

One of the following:

  • Theatre 4210 Dramatic Literature I 3 cr
  • Theatre 4220 Dramatic Literature II 3 cr

Students must complete 6 hours of electives

  • Theatre 1930 Voice and Diction 3 cr
  • Theatre 2500 Topics in Theatre 1-3 cr
  • Theatre 2900 Dance for Musical Theatre 3 cr
  • Theatre 2950 Movement for Theatre 3 cr
  • Theatre 3220 Teaching Methods 3 cr
  • Theatre 3400 Drafting the Design 3 cr
  • Theatre 3830 Advanced Scene Study 3 cr
  • Theatre 3920 Classical Acting 3 cr
  • Theatre 4830 Seminar in Theatre 3 cr

Majors seeking DPI (Department of Public Instruction) certification for teaching are also required to take the following courses:

  • Theatre 3220 Teaching Methods 3 cr

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