Textbook Sales

Textbook sales

Current Textbooks

Active textbooks (books used in classes) are offered for sale to currently enrolled students. All books purchased during sale times are discounted. Sale information is available at the Textbook Center. Out-of-print books will not be sold.

Discontinued Textbooks

Books are removed from the shelves as discontinued per instructions received from department chairs and/or instructors.

All obsolete books are checked for resale value. Books of no resale value are sold to students in the BookNook at the Textbook Center for prices ranging from $.25 and up.

Obsolete books having a resale value are sold to the used book companies. However, students may purchase the books at the used book company price before they are sold to the companies.

Many obsolete books are given away free if they remain in the BookNook for over a year. Some discontinued books are placed on the Free Table when the Textbook Center has too many copies to put in the BookNook.


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