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$5.00 box sale in the BookNook. 

Summer Book Pick-up 

Summer (books not distributed during Finals Week of Spring session but can be picked up the week before finals):

◦4W1, 6W1, and 8W1 - Monday, May 22, 2017 (Classes begin Tuesday, May 23)
◦4W2, 6W2, 8W2, and 4W3 - Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Students will now be charged a $3.00 per book restock fee for misshelved books.


Books for the Spring 2017 session may be picked up beginning Tuesday, January 17, 2017.  

TEXTBOOK RENTAL COSTS are included in the segregated fee portion of a student's tuition.   Current rental is $6.46 per credit or a maximum of $77.52 (12 to 18 credits) per session.   Our rental system does not receive monies from tax dollars and is funded solely by these segregated fees.

PICKING UP BOOKS.   Book pickup for the Spring Session starts the Tuesday before classes begin.  All that is required to pick up books is your student Pioneer Passport I.D. Card. Your class schedule is not needed.  An individualized book list will be printed after your I.D. Card is scanned.  If you lose this card, you will need to purchase a replacement at the Pioneer Passport Office.  Books will not be issued without it.  Backpacks are not allowed in the Textbook Center.  Kindly leave backpacks at your residence.  Bags will be furnished.  [In future sessions, all outstanding bills from previous terms must be paid in full before books can be picked up.]

DON'T WANT A LARGE BILL FOR BOOKS?  Please remember to return books on time!  All books checked out from the Textbook Center are to be returned by the last day of the published final exam period.  The date is printed in the Class Schedule issued by the Registrar's Office.  Immediately after final exams, bills are issued to student accounts for the full cost of the books that have not been returned.   Discounts do not apply!  Please don't be a student who could end up owing a book bill of over $1,200 for unreturned books. 

There is a brief fining period for late book returns (up to two weeks beyond the final exam period with late fees escalating during that time-frame from $3 per book to $5 per book) before books are no longer accepted for return and the non refundable amount becomes due as billed.  The due date and dates for accepting late returns are printed on the information page on the reverse side of the individually printed book list for each student.  All students are required to sign one copy of this form before books can be picked up.

PURCHASING BOOKS.  Currently enrolled students may purchase active titles year-round, excluding the months of September and January and Finals Week in December.  All active titles are discounted.  Out-of-print books are not sold.  Many obsolete books (inactive titles) are sold in the BookNook (prices ranging from 25¢ and up) at the Textbook Center.  The BookNook is closed during peak times of book distribution (first three weeks of classes), book return (last week of classes), and during inventory.

PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR BOOKS! Each student is responsible for the materials he or she checks out and bears the ultimate responsibility for the return of textbooks and for payment of fees or replacement costs if books are lost, stolen, or damaged.   At the time books are checked out, students should check their books for damages BEFORE LEAVING the Textbook Center.  Students returning books in damaged condition, excluding normal wear, will be billed.  Damages include: Liquid (rain, snow, coffee, juice, etc.), fire (scorched), chemical spills, tooth marks (rodents, pets, children, etc.).

It is strongly recommended NOT to place water bottles and fruit in backpacks.  Doing so could cause damage to books.  If this happens, the entire cost of the damaged books will be due.

Textbook rental is not available for the Distance Education Program, the Continuing Education Program, the Adult Education Program (AE), the Cross-Categorized Special Education Licensure Program (CC), the Educational Administration Certification Program (EA), the English Language Learning Teacher Licensure Program (ELL), the Reading Specialist/Reading Teacher Programs (RE), and the Study Abroad Program.  For textbook information on Distance Education and Adult Education courses see the Textbook Info links on this page.


The BookNook (discounted books) is located in the Textbook Center. It is open year-round, except during peak times of book pickup and book return and while inventory is in progress. Discontinued books are sold at drastically reduced prices.


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