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Books for all Summer sessions (except Post-session) are due by Friday, July 31.  Late fees are in effect for all Summer sessions (except Post-session) after Friday, July 31, until 4:00 p.m. Friday, August 14.  Post-session books are due by 4:00 p.m. Friday, August 14.  

Post-session students must return ALL books checked out for the earlier Summer 2015 sessions by July 31 or be subject to the late fee schedule.  After August 14, 2015, the amount is due as billed for ALL summer 2015 books, including Post-session books.

fall book distribution

Your Pioneer Passport Student I.D. Card is REQUIRED for book pickup. 

Books for the Fall 2015 session can be picked up beinning Wednesday, August 26.  Classes begin on Wednesday, September 2.  For the Textbook Center's extended hours during the first week of classes, see the "Hours" link on this page. 

NOTE: Student I.D. cards for freshmen will be distributed by Housing when checking into the dorms.  New transfer students and commuters can pick up their I.D.'s at the Pioneer Passport Office in the Markee Pioneer Student Center.

Textbook Rental Fees

Current fee: $6.88 per credit (1-11 credits); $82.50 maximum (12 to 18 credits).  Effective Fall 2015, the rental fee will be $6.46 per credit (1-11 credits); $77.50 maximum (12-18 credits).

For students enrolled in the Collaborative Engineering Program, please see the Textbook Info links on this page. 

Textbook rental is not available for the Distance Education Program, the Continuing Education Program, the Adult Education Program (AE), the Cross-Categorized Special Education Licensure Program (CC), the Educational Administration Certification Program (EA), the English Language Learning Teacher Licensure Program (ELL), the Reading Specialist/Reading Teacher Programs (RE), and the Study Abroad Program.  For textbook information on Distance Education and Adult Education courses see the Textbook Info links on this page.


The BookNook (discounted books) is located in the Textbook Center. It is open year-round, except during peak times of book pickup and book return and while inventory is in progress. Discontinued books are sold at drastically reduced prices.


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