It's not waste until it is wasted.  At UW-Platteville, we minimize our landfill use by diverting our unwanted items in many ways.  If you have an unwanted item, find out where it can go by exploring below.  Still unsure of where to send it?  Contact us.

Computer Toner / Ink Cartridges

Not sure what to do with your used toner or ink cartridges? Send any and all through campus mail to the Sustainability Office, 308 Royce and they will be shipped off for recycling.


We contract with Universal Recycling Technologies (URT) in Janesville, Wis., to recycle the "end of life" electronics that are owned by the university.  This contract includes the disposal of computers and laptops, computer monitors, televisions, printers, copiers, freon containing equipment (refidgerators), microwaves, mixed wires/cables, cell phones, fax machines, and peripheral equipment (keyboards, computer mice, etc.) that have no resale value remaining.

To dispose of campus-owned electronics:

  • Computer's, printer's, and fax machines contact ITS Sean Wolf (wolfes@uwplatt.edu) x1518
  • Broken electronic items (e.g. microwaves, televisions that no longer work, old wires) can be sent through campus mail to Facilities Management C/O Jesse Decker 
  • All other electronics - Send to Pioneer Restore for re-sale

The university is unable to dispose of personally-owned electronics at this time.  Radioshack, Goodwill, or Faherty Inc. in Platteville and Best Buy in Dubuque, CAN recycle many personal electronics.  

Food / Organic Waste

Organic waste (food/yard waste) can easily be turned into compost (a high-value fertilizer) in about four months time.  Because landfills lack access to oxygen and  microbs, the same products take significantly longer to break down in a landfill, and may never completely do so.  At this time, UW-Platteville is actively exploring ways to divert our food/yard waste from the landfill and into a composting process.  

Platteville residents can drop yard waste off at the city compost site, or leave it by the curb for regular pick-ups (more information).  Please note that food waste is not allowed in the city compost site at this time.


The landfill used by our waste management provider, Faherty Inc., is in Milan, Ill. (108 miles from Platteville—one way!).  Not only is that drive expensive and bad for the environment, but many of the products that go to landfills still have value left in them.  This site explains many of the ways that we are working to divert our waste from the landfill.


UW-Platteville is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and recycling is a big part of this.  Recycling helps save resources by giving products a second life, prevents harmful contaminants from entering our soil through landfills, creates jobs, and saves the university money (recycling costs less than landfilling). Visit our comprehensive Campus Recycling Guide.

Special / Universal / Hazardous

Special/universal/hazardous waste includes harmful and hazardous waste such as:

  • Acid waste
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Asbestos containing equipment/asbestos waste
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Contaminated Labware
  • Fluorescent  Light Bulbs
  • Freon containing equipment (e.g. refrigerator and freezer)
  • Mercury
  • Paint
  • Photographic fixer
  • Peroxide forming chemicals
  • Radioactive waste
  • Rechargeable Batteries (laptop, cell phone, etc)
  • Sharps (needles, razor blades, scalpels, etc)
  • Solvent soaked rages
  • Unwanted chemicals
  • Used Oil/Antifreeze
  • Waste solvents

Most people on campus will never have to deal with special/universal/hazardous waste, but if you do have campus-owned special/universal/hazardous waste that you need to dispose of, contact the Risk Management Office.


Campus-owned items that are no longer needed but still have resale value can likely be sold through proper state procedures.  Visit our Surplus Page to learn more.


Have an item that you need to dispose of but aren't sure where it goes?  Contact our office.


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