Sustainability Award - Past Recipients

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2010-2011 Sustainability Awards 

(No awards were presented in 2011-2012)

Integrating Sustainability into Planet Earth Curriculum

  • Alisa Hass

Karrmann Library Encouraging Bicycle Transportation

  • Zora Samson

04/22/2010 Exponent Article:  “Solutions to the Parking Hassle” Bike Militia [Student Bike Club]

  • Tim Ingram 
  • Hannah Taylor 
  • Alicia Waligora

Encouraging Campus and Community Bicycle Transportation

  • Jimmy Flannery 
  • Robert Cramer
  • Doug Stephens
  • Howard Crofoot
  • Cindy Robles

UW-Platteville Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory Report [Senior Design Project]

  • Jamie Frederick 
  • Jason Garvens 
  • Shannon Kyle
  • Mike Murphy

Campus and Student Focused Renewable Energy Projects

  • Charlie Knox

1984 Pontiac Fiero Conversion into a Fully Electric Car

  • Nate Silver

University Farm Anaerobic Digester Pilot Project

  • Tim Zauche
  • Chris Baxter

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