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We are growing sunflowers again this year! Thanks to the success of our first year, we have planted about 11 acres of sunflowers across three locations in Platteville. They should be in full bloom by mid-August. We are lucky that our fields are located along the existing city trail; we encourage you to take a bike ride and visit all three fields! Here is a map.

Last summer (in 2013) UW-Platteville, for the first time, planted six acres of sunflowers in Platteville just west of Menards on Business 151. Sustainable and Renewable Energy Students (and others) helped harvest the sunflower seeds, clean, and press them into an edible, healthy, and locally grown cooking oil. This student-driven project produced sunflower oil from field to table and exhibits that we can minimize our reliance on fossil fuels by producing our own food and renewable fuels locally.

Why Sunflowers?

Sunflower's grow well in Wisconsin, make a great bio-fuel, a healthy cooking oil comparable to olive oil, and can be grown with the same farming equipment as corn. The pulp (press meal) that remains once the oil is pressed out of the seeds makes an excellent high-protein cattle feed.

Get your oil today!

And thank you for investing in our future!

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