Recyclemania 2014

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THE results are in!

Congratulations on a Recyclemania season well done! This year, our cumulative recycling was 46.2%, up 6% from last year! While we did not rank first in the state this year (UW-Stout did with an impressive 52.8%), we did increase from the top 25% nationally to the top 15%, and had our personal best. Over eight weeks of participating in Recyclemania, we diverted 147,860 lbs of recycling from the landfill!

Here are the state rankings:

  • UW-Stout (52.79%)
  • UW-Platteville (46.18%)
  • UW-Oshkosh (46.16%)
  • UW-River Falls (34.23%)
  • UW-Milwaukee (33.39%)
  • UW-Madison (30.19%)
  • UW-Whitewater (28.75%)
  • UW-La Crosse (26.74%)
  • UW-Green Bay (27.04%)
  • Western Technical College (20.13%)
  • UW-Eau Claire (15.22%)

Check out the full results here.

How it works

  • RECYCLE! Be sure you recycle EVERYTHING possible. It is likely that much more than 50% of your garbage can be recycled!
  • Unsure of what to recycle or how?  Check out this guide.
  • Our local waste hauler, Fahrety's, Inc., picks up all campus recycling and waste each week and weighs it for us.
  • We report these weekly weights to our Recyclemania score card which tracks our weights against the 500+ colleges that are participating.
  • At the end of the eight week competition our scores are reported for several catagories (such as recycling as a percent of overal waste, pounds of recycling per capita, and waste minimization).


In order to promote recycling on campus, we had a series of recycling themed competitions. The winners are:

  • Most recycled paper by weight at our Paper Drive: Ullsvik with 4,394 lbs of paper.
  • Most signers to our "Campus Recycling Pledge": Brockert with 117 signatures.
  • Best art made of recycled materials: Business Department with a Wisconsin map made of local beer boxes.
  • Best recycling promotional strategy: Pickard Hall who wore recycling themed outfits to Hall Council.

The winners (and everyone else who participated) are invited to a celebratory movie night, the documentary Wasteland will be shown Thursday April 24th at 8 p.m. If you would like to join us, please RSVP here.

Recycling Ambassadors

To help spread the word about recycling, we have 32 designated recycling ambassadors located across campus. Please contact your local ambassador to participate in events, make suggestions, or ask recycling-related questions. These Ambassadors have gone through a training in recycling and love to recycle!

Brockert -  Christopher Fahley,
Brockert - Kyle Hendle,
Brockert - Erik Zander,
Business and Accounting (Entrpreneurship) - Marcia Harr Bailey,
Business Department - Amanda Ramsey,
Civil Engineering Department - Matthew Schwalenberg,
Custodial - Mary L Kruser,
Dobson - Kristina Guevara,
Dobson - Elisa Broughton,
Dobson - Megan Kubatzke,
Dobson - Ellie Visuri,
Dobson - Tayte Hunter,
Dobson - Nichole Kriz,
Engineering - Ahmed AbdelAzim,
Engineering Building -Cassandra Yustus,
Financial Services - Sandi Pitzen,
Information Technology Services - Nathan Manwiller,
International Programs - Donna Anderson,
McGregor - Erich Inglin,
McGregor - Zach Ferree,
Melcher - Lawrence Parrott,
Morrow - Ben Roys,
Nohr Gallery and Box Office - Kassi Nadig,
Outdoor Recreation/ PAC - Mark Sethne,
Performing & Visual Arts - Dr. Eugene Alcalay,
Pickard - Raven Keele,
Pickard - John Larkin,
Southwest - Coree Burton,
Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems Program - Dino Ress,
Ullsvik or Ullrich - Brian Blanchette,
Wilgus - Kristen Green,
Wilgus - Andrea Wenzel,

Report Recycling Feedback

Take the Recycling PLedge!

Recyclemania posters 

Feel free to print and hang the following posters around campus.

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