Electricity consumption data for all 33 campus buildings is now available — in real time — on Building Dashboard, a service provided through Lucid Design Group. 

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Dashboard is an external site, by clicking above you will leave the UW-Platteville website.

Once in Dashboard, you can compare real-time energy use by building on campus, watch carbon dioxide production levels, and learn tips for reducing energy use. Dashboard was tested on campus with a limited number of buildings in the 2012-2013 year. As of September 2013, all campus buildings now have their own energy meters and are available on Dashboard. We will be exploring new ways to use our Dashboard on campus in the coming months as one of the many ways we are working on being a more sustainable campus.

Other Resources

  • DOA 2015 Energy Report: Wisconsin Departmetn of Administration's annual report of energy consumption for all state-owned buildings.
  • Greenhouse Gas Report: In Feburary 2015, we compiled an inventory of our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Utility Report: In Februrary 2014, we compiled a report of operational costs for each building (electricity, heat, and water).

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