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Professional Staff Personnel

Kelly Aldworth
Assistant Director for Operations and Services
Greg Ames
Markee Pioneer Student Center Custodian
James Ball
Director of Student Centers
Mark Barnard
Interim Production Services Manager

Ben Finley
Interim Production Services Coordinator

Kelly Jo Hadfield
Reservations Coordinator
Jimmy Kay
Markee Pioneer Student Center Custodian
Mary Knoble-Janney
Markee Pioneer Student Center Custodian
Jayne Sherer
Administrative Assistant

Adam Wedig
Design Services Manager


Student Staff Personnel

Design Services 
Taylor E. - Social Media Manager
Alyssa G. - Design Services Student Coordinator
Ben H. - Design Services Student Coordinator
Graham K. - Graphic Designer
Event Reservations Office
Ariel H. - Event Reservations Assistant
Bridget H. - Student Event Reservations Coordinator
Paige M. - Event Reservations Assistant
Cassi M. - Event Reservations Assistant
Information Center
Paige E. - Information Center Attendant
Clarissa H.- Information Center Attendant
Erin K. - Information Center Attendant
Kate K. - Information Center Attendant
Katie M. - Information Center Attendant
Megan O. -Information Center Attendant
Markee Managers
Matt A. - Markee Manager
Kyle A. - Markee Manager
Amanda B. - Markee Manager
Shawn B. - Markee Manager
Katie C. -Markee Manager in Training
Taylor E. - Markee Manager
Sam K. - Markee Manager
Paul S. - Markee Manager
Tyler S. - Markee Manager
Operations Attendants
Jason K. - Operations Attendant
Bronzun K. - Operations Attendant
Jonathan N. - Operations Attendant
Student Operations Coordinators
Paul B. - Student Operations Coordinator
Jenn B. - Student Operations Coordinator
Production Services Crew
Lucas B.- Production Crew 
Gabriel B. - Production Crew
Sam C. - Production Crew
Troy G. - Production Crew
Charles G. - Production Crew
Drew G. - Production Crew
McKenna G. - Production Crew
Jesus H. - Production Crew
Adam L. - Production Crew
Kevin M. - Production Crew
Conrad M. - Production Crew
Dylan M. - Production Crew
Aaron N. - Production Crew
Ryan R. - Production Crew
Cody R. - Production Crew
Alyssa S.- Production Crew
Doug S. - Production Crew
Samantha T. - Production Crew
Matt U. - Production Crew
Production Services Managers and Lead
Gage B. - Production Manager
Paul B. - Production Lead
Evan G. - Production Assistant Manager
Laura H. - Production Manager 
Paul K. - Production Manager
AJ M. - Production Manager
Ben S. - Production Assistant Manager
Colton R. - Production Assistant Manager
Garret W. - Production Assistant Manager
Mike S. - Production Assistant Manager

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