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Why should I get SRES Major or Minor?

  • Are you concerned about the limited nature of the world’s energy resources?
  • Are you concerned about the environmental impacts of various sources of energy?
  • Are you interested in renewable energy and how it can help solve the world’s energy problems?
  • Are you interested in what the current trends are in energy utilization?
  • Are you interested in energy conservation?
  • Are you interested in the economics and social aspects of renewable energy including bio-fuels and bio-products?
  • Would like to be a knowledgeable citizen in energy and renewable energy?
  • Are you interested in joining the “green collar” workforce?
  • Are you interested in distinguishing yourself from others in your major?

If you are, the SRES program is for you. Keep in mind that the SRES minor is a university-wide minor which means students from any major can obtain the minor.

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