Goals & Objectives

Image of student using renewable energy by biking to class

The main goal of the program is to help undergraduate students develop and apply an in-depth understanding of issues related to energy, renewable energy, and bio-renewable products and associated markets. Both major and minor are designed to be a hands-on interdisciplinary program with an emphasis on the study of the economic, social, and environmental aspects of various energy sources including renewable energy and bio-fuels.

The program objectives are:

  • Help the student understand the role of energy, energy sources, and energy usage patterns in society
  • Develop basic knowledge in the student to understand social, economic, and environmental aspects of renewable energy and bio-renewable products
  • Develop the student’s abilities to assess the relative merits and potential impacts of different energy sources including but not limited to solar energy, wind energy, and bio-based fuels
  • Develop the student’s ability to assess the merit as well as potential social and economic impacts of replacing non-renewable goods with products manufactured from renewable resources
  • Help the student understand how conservation fits into managing efficient use of energy resources
  • Develop basic knowledge to understand renewable energy and bio-renewable products-related issues in the student’s academic major
  • Develop a multidisciplinary background in renewable energy and biorenewable products
  • Understand the importance of green building rating systems such as LEED and Green Globes

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