Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems

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students working on a solar energy golf cart
Photovoltaic in SRES lab

The SRES is a university-wide interdisciplinary program designed to enhance the knowledge of students with regard to sustainable and renewable as well as traditional energy sources and their impacts on the environment and society. Traditional energy sources include coal, hydro, nuclear, oil, or natural gas, where non-traditional sources include renewable energy such as wind, solar, geo-thermal, wave, hydrogen, and bio-energy.

The program strives to help UW-Platteville students develop an in-depth understanding of issues related to energy and renewable energy including bio-fuels and renewable products and associated markets. Another goal of the program is to increase the public awareness related to renewable energy and renewable products through presentations, forums, and discussions. The program offers an interdisciplinary major and minor in which students can apply their academic expertise to the area of energy and renewable energy. Ultimately, the program graduates students who understand technical, economic, social, political, and environmental aspects of various sources of energy and become more knowledgeable citizens.

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