UW-Platteville Summer Appointment Policy

Summer Appointments in Excess of 2/9 of the Academic Year

It is the policy of the UW-Platteville that a faculty member* on an academic year (nine months) appointment may not earn more than a maximum of five months summer salary in any two-year period. Therefore, three-months (3/9) summer appointments, regardless of source of funds, are not permitted for two consecutive summers.

Under this policy it is permissible for a faculty member to receive five months summer salary in any two-year period by one of the following:

  1. three months (3/9) salary one summer and two months (2/9) salary for the other summer, or
  2. two and a half months (2.5/9) salary for each summer of the two years, or
  3. some other combination of terms, neither of which exceeds three months, and the sum of which does not exceed five months.

Any request by a faculty member for summer appointment in excess of 2/9 requires the endorsement of the Department Chairman and approval of the appropriate Dean; advanced approval at the campus level is required only if an exception to the five-month-in-two-summers policy is being requested. The Provost/Vice Chancellor will consider well-documented requests for specific exceptions to this policy. Requests for such exceptions must contain the endorsement of both the Department Chairman and appropriate Dean.

These exceptions will be extremely rare. Before submitting such requests you should apply the following tests: the university requires performance of the work in the period indicated; the proposed individual-and none other-is appropriate to provide the needed services; and the individual is willing on this occasion totally to forgo his annual vacation period.

*This policy is intended to cover all academic year-appointees, not faculty members only.

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