2 -4 p.m.

Ullsvik Hall: Nohr Gallery, Southwest Wisconsin Room, Prospective Student Services Conference Room

Provost Dr. Nimocks Den Herder and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs invite UW-Platteville Faculty and Academic Staff to participate in the 2015 Faculty and Staff Research Poster Day. This showcase is an opportunity for grant recipients to disseminate their research findings and discoveries to a campus wide audience. Poster displays, oral presentations, slideshows, or other methods of delivery are available for contributors

Here is a partial list of this year's presenters. Select the presenter's name for a brief abstract about their work.




Hal Evensen Engineering Physics Aligned Monolayer Films of Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes Poster
Lindsay Hollingsworth, et al School of Education New Grade 1-8 Major in the School of Education Poster
Tera Montgomery Agriculture

Assessment-Based Curriculum Revision in Animal Science: Bugs, Feed, and Capstone Experiences

Oral, 3:00 SW Wis Room  Ullsvik Hall
Melissa Gormley History

Beyond the Lens: Historicizing Life in Brazil during the First Vargas Era

Chanaka Mendis Chemistry

Gene Expression Analysis to Evaluate the Effect of p38 Specific Inhibitor SB203580 on SEB-Induced Apoptosis Related Pathways

John Peterson Biology

Status of Cricket Frog Populations in Southwest Wisconsin

Claudine Pied Sociology

Explaining Crisis: The Effects of the Economic Recession on a New England Small Town

Oral, 3:30 SW Wis Room  Ullsvk Hall
Doyle St. John Engineering Physics

f-cube: A Small Portable, Robust, Instrument for Measuring the Focal Length of a Lens

John Obielodan Mechanical/Industrial Engineering

Metal Structures Fabrication Using Hybrid AM and Electrodeposition Methods

Matt Rogatzki Health and Human Performance

Blood Lactate Concentration: More than a Marker for Exercise Intensity?

Chris Underwood Geography Fire! Millennial-Scale Wildfire Histories Developed from Charcoal

Oral, 2:30 PSS Room  Ullsvik Hall

Becy Doyle-Morin Biology Investigating Natural Controls for Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation Poster
Thomas Zolper Mechanical/Industrial Engineering Effect of Viscosity Index Improvers on Synthetic Oil Film Thickness and Friction Poster
Richard Moninski Performing and Visual Arts Combining Traditional Painting and Digital Media Art Exhibit
Mazen Hussein Mechanical/Industrial Engineering Shipping Commodities Between a Container Terminal and Different Destination Zones Using Heavy Truck and Toll Way Systems


Andrew Pawl Engineering Physics Physics for K-8 Teachers Poster
Kara Candito Humanities The Alien Spouse: A Collection of Poems Oral, poetry reading  2:00 SW Wis Room Ullsvik Hall
Mohammed Rabbani Chemistry Synthesis of Porous Materials for Gas Separation Application Oral, 2:30 SW Wis Room  Ullsvik Hall
John Goomey Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Laboratory Equipment Instructional Videos YouTube Video Display
David Gillota Humanities Using Popular Humor to Teach Ethnic Studies Poster
Jodean Grunow/Tim Deis Mathematics Intelligent Integration of STEM Components (I^2 STEM) Poster
Colleen McCabe Health & Human Performance College Aged Students Motivation to be Physically Active Poster
Danny Xiao Civil Engineering Longitudinal Cracking on Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements Poster
Wonim Son Education A Study on the Developmentally appropriate Early Childhood Teaching Practices Poster
Jeff Huebschman Biology Bat Communities in Southwest Wisconsin during the Era of White-Nose Syndrome Poster




The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is committed to enhancing the research productivity of the university, increasing grant funding, facilitating technology commercialization, nurturing economic development, and celebrating the achievements of faculty, staff, and student scholars.


Welcome Message

Welcome to the ORSP

Welcome to the UW-Platteville Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. ORSP is dedicated to assisting faculty and staff in navigating through the myriad of grants information. This includes: 

  • locating funding opportunities
  • assisting with the preparation of proposals
  • assisting with the creation of budgets
  • submitting successful grant proposals.

ORSP: Awarded Grants

Congratulations to Recently Awarded

2015-16 AR-WiTag Recipients

  • Brian Barry, PI; James Hamilton, Co-PI
  • Charles Cornett, PI; Joseph Wu, Co-PI, Raja Annamalai, Co-PI
  • Gokul Gopalakrishnan, PI
  • Mohammad Rabbani, PI

Quality Liquid Feeds, Christopher Baxter, PI

Wis DPI & Weston School District, Andrew Pawl, PI

UW System ESEA Title II, Jodean Grunow, PI; Timothy Deis, Co-PI

NSF STEM Scholars Master's, Lisa Landgraf, PI; Jill Clough, Co-PI

USDA Commodities Education Lab, Rami Reddy, PI

Wis DPI, Angela Miller, PI; Jonathan Brown, Co-PI


  • Muthu Venkateshwaran, PI
  • Ryan Haasl, PI

WiscAMP, Chanaka Mendis, PI; Mohammad Rabbani, Co-PI

Dept of Education-2 Student Support Services, Laura Franklin

NSF PEEC, David Kunz, PI

UW System-Innovation Grants

  • Colleen Garrity, One Touch Studio
  • Amy Foley, Advising Community of Support

Wisconsin State Patrol, Jason Williams, Campus Police


ORSP: Contact

Contact Information

Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP)

5th Floor Pioneer Tower
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI 53818-3099

Tel: 608.342.1456
E-mail: orsp@uwplatt.edu
Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., M-F

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