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Welcome to Southwest Hall

Southwest Hall, completed in 2006, is home to 380 students who will live in 95 four-person suites. Each suite has four single bedrooms, a living room, a dining area with kitchenette, and two bathrooms. There is high speed internet access in every bedroom and elevator access to all floor levels. The entire building is air conditioned and each suite is fully furnished. Each of the six floors has a study room with a computer that can be used for group projects. Other public areas include the main desk, mailroom, lobby, multipurpose room, laundry room, and community room with vending area. Southwest Hall remains open during the official academic year breaks. 

Bethany Keuter


From the desk of the resident director

Happy October Southwest Hall!

You have made it through the first month of classes so far and I hope it has been a great start! Hopefully at this point you have made some new connections on campus and/or reunited with old ones. Connections may come in many forms—new friends, connecting well with a staff or faculty member here on campus or even checking out a new club or organization. Many of the residents of Southwest Hall are returning students, but that does not mean that new connections and adventures aren’t just as important as your first year of college! For the month of October I challenge you to continue to create strong connections here at Platteville especially with staff and faculty. These are the people who can help you immensely as you are planning for the future regarding job searches and grad school applications.

As we move into October, it is also important to be aware of what may be coming up within the month:

  • Alcohol Use: This year, the month of October contains both Homecoming and Halloween which are times of year that alcohol consumption with students tends to be higher. I want to stress that just because you are in college does not mean that you have to drink or drink heavily. As you are out, be sure to be safe in whatever you are doing. Keep with a group of friends and make sure you are feeling comfortable in your environment. If you choose to consume alcohol, do so responsibly and report any concerns that you have to the police. Also, be sure to talk with your RA if you have questions concerning alcohol use and staying safe.
  • Academics: October also brings midterms and lots of exams as well! It is never too early to reflect on how you are doing in your courses and beginning to seek help if you need it. University Tutoring Services will do their best to find tutors for any subject AND they only charge $2/hr for tutoring. Private tutoring companies typically charge about $20 per hour! Talking with your professor regarding your concerns is always a wise idea as well. UW-Platteville has many professors that are very student-focused and want to see you succeed. Be sure to be proactive about your grades and get help now rather than waiting until December to try and save a grade.
  • Fall Break: Southwest Hall will remain open for Fall Break, which is Friday, October 16th. There is no need to sign up to stay for this break unlike many other breaks. If you are headed out for a long weekend, be sure to turn off your lights, close your windows, make sure your alarm clock is off as well as your door locked. For those people remaining in the hall for Fall break, check here for Dining hours.

Have a wonderful October! There is a lot happening this month to get involved in and have fun. There are several fun events to check out during Homecoming, which is October 4th-10th. You can also look out for Morrow Hall Works Week information if you are looking for some opportunities for community service. There is also Pickard Hall Fright Fest coming up at the end of the month. All events are lots of fun and worth checking out!

As always, please be sure to let me know if you have any questions or concerns by stopping by my office, calling at (608) 342-7250 or sending me an email at


Bethany Keuter
Southwest Hall Resident Director

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