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Southwest Hall, completed in 2006, is home to 380 students who will live in 95 four-person suites. Each suite has four single bedrooms, a living room, a dining area with kitchenette, and two bathrooms. There is high speed internet access in every bedroom and elevator access to all floor levels. The entire building is air conditioned and each suite is fully furnished. Each of the six floors has a study room with a computer that can be used for group projects. Other public areas include the main desk, mailroom, lobby, multipurpose room, laundry room, and community room with vending area. Southwest Hall remains open during the official academic year breaks. 

Ian Dreger


From the desk of the resident director

Hello Southwest Residents!

October is a crazy month for Platteville and Southwest Hall. Why? Homecoming of course! There are a few events to get involved with.  Interested in participating?  Head down to the Front Desk and sign up for an event!  

Also, if you are getting a little homesick never fear Fall Break is here! There will be no classes held on Friday, October 21st. So take the day off! Visit home or explore your new home of Platteville. There are plenty of great things to do in the surrounding area. If you don’t know where to start check out the city’s Chamber of Commerce.

As you are figuring out this semester don’t forget to utilize your resources. Make sure to check out the university’s academic/events calendar found here. October is full of fun activities, projects, and exams. Learn how to balance everything by visiting your academic advisor or the Academic Support Programs' office.

Don’t forget to check out fun Residence Life activities like Friday Night Club. This month the FNCs will be A Corny Evening/Bonfire with McGregor, Cooper, and Rountree, and then a Pancake Breakfast with Hugunin.  Pickard Hall will also be hosting its annual Fright Fest toward the end of the month as well!

Be safe and be well,

Ian Dreger
Southwest Hall Resident Director

P.S. Safety Tip of the Month: Be an active bystander. There are various ways to intervene and provide assistance to others. Intervention can be as simple as saying hi to a person that seems to be in an uncomfortable situation. Not all intervention requires you to make contact with a potential perpetrator. A simple hello or acting like you haven’t seen a person in a long time, can break up the situation and allow an individual to leave. Most importantly, don’t assume that someone else will take care of it.


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