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Formula Competition

Formula SAE is an international competition with locations worldwide. The competitions in the United States typically happen in May and June at Michigan International Speedway and Lincoln Airpark in Lincoln, Neb. The teams are tasked with designing, building, testing, and racing a mini Formula 1 style racecar. The target audience for the vehicles would be for a weekend autocross racer, so it needs to be affordable, reliable, easily serviceable, and light. All vehicles in the competition are limited to a maximum 610cc engine that has a 20mm restrictor in the intake system.

The teams all compete in a design, cost, and business presentation competitions. The design competition focuses on the engineering decisions and knowledge of the team. Cost and business presentation focus on the knowledge of the members in regard to building a business around the manufacture and sale of the vehicle.  Formula cars are then put through their paces in acceleration, skidpad, autocross, endurance, and efficiency events. For further information about Formula SAE, please visit the Formula SAE Series website.

Formula SAE

UW-Platteville's Formula SAE team is a motivated group of undergraduate students from a wide variety of disciplines including, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Industrial Technology Management, Business Administration, and many others. The Formula Team demands students to apply their classrooms skills, while integrating the design process of research, design, simulate, build, validate and continuously improve designs. It is a relatively young team, and growing rapidly. The team currently designs the car around a 2006/7 Yamaha R6 599cc engine that is controlled by a stand-alone AEM ECU to allow for tuning the engine for power and efficiency. The use of aluminum and composites has increased immensely over the past three years and we are excited to be utilizing carbon fiber for many parts on this year’s competition vehicle. Platteville typically competes in Formula SAE Lincoln in June and also attends SCCA events in Milwaukee.

Noteworthy Designs

  • Dual adjustable aluminum pedals
  • Rapid Prototyped Intake with Converging-Diverging Nozzle designed with CFD
  • Rapid Prototyped Steering Wheel
  • Composite undertray, diffuser, and nosecone
  • Stand Alone AEM Engine Management System


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SAE: Formula Events

Upcoming Events

Date: Every Tuesday Night
Time: 8 p.m.
Location: Engineering Hall 107

Work Nights
Date: Every Friday (during the school year)
Time: 3 p.m. - close
Location: Engineering Hall 126

Formula SAE – Lincoln Competition
Dates: June 18–21, 2014
Location: Lincoln Airpark, Lincoln, Neb.

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