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SAE Aero Design Series

This Design Competition is a relatively unique one. Each team is required to design and build a remote controlled plane under special constraints. The competition consists of three events, a takeoff event, a 360 degree flight circuit, as well as a payload flight. The Aero Team Goes to competition yearly, with competition moving between California, Texas, and Florida. For more information on the Aero Design Series, please visit: SAE Aero Design Series.

Platteville's Aero team

The team consists of a group of dedicated engineering students who design aircraft structures and aerodynamics to build an airplane that can lift a large amount of payload, with the lightest and strongest possible structure.The main goal of the Aero team is to design build and fly a Radio Controlled airplane that is light while being able to maintain flight while carrying a heavy load.

There are three classes within our yearly Competition; Micro, Regular, and Advanced. The Regular Class is the simplest to design since the largest design constraint is that the airplane must have a surface area no larger than 175 square inches. The Micro Class is more challenging in that not only do the teams need to design a powerful aircraft, but it must disassemble to fit into a 6” diameter tube. The plane, payload, and battery must travel to competition in this tube and weigh less than 10 pounds. The Advanced Class is by far the most difficult to design for and also has the most challenging competition. Although there are fewer design constraints, the payload of the plane must be dropped during the flight.

SAE: Aero Events

Upcoming Events

Date: Every Thursday Night
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Engineering Hall 127

Work Nights
Date: Every Friday Night
Time: 5:00 pm - Close
Location: Engineering Hall 126 and Engineering Hall 127

Aero SAE  East Competition
Dates: April 21-23, 2017
Location: Lakeland, FL

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