United We Stand

United We Stand Campaign

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Department of Residence Life believes that all residents have the right to be treated with respect.  The use of hateful language or actions, discrimination, or unequal treatment will not be accepted or allowed.  To support this mission, the Department of Residence Life is partnering with UW-Platteville’s Campus Programming and Relations to sponsor speakers dedicated to highlighting diversity education, issues on discrimination, and building an inclusive community on the UW-Platteville campus.  The United We Stand Lecture series is brought to UW-Platteville by funding from the Department Residence Life, and Campus Programming and Relations.

To request disability accommodations, pleace contact Robin Gore, Department of Residence Life, 128 Royce Hall, Platteville, WI 53818, 608.342.1845.

Featured speakers for the 2016-17 academic year:

Standup for Peace

standup for peace

Sunday, October 2, 2016 Velzy Commons: 7:00 p.m.

The best way to start a conversation is with laughter.

Scott Blakeman and Dean Obeidallah want to build bridges, promote tolerance and encourage conflict resolution between Jews, Muslims, Arabs and people of all backgrounds and religions.

Standup for Peace is the disarmingly funny comedy show that breaks new ground by finding common ground.

For the past thirteen years, Scott and Dean have brought campuses and communities together by standing up for tolerance, peace and understanding.

Because if we can laugh together, we can live together.

For more information about Standup for Peace, click here.

Monti Washington

Monti Washington

Sunday, February 12, 2016 Velzy Commons: 7:00 p.m.

A product of a one night stand, abused in foster home after foster home, and raised sleeping in parks were just a few of the daunting obstacles in Monti’s journey from the streets to the stage.

This is an interactive presentation, designed to help students gain the problem solving skills needed to be successful, both inside and outside of the classroom. Through crowd participation, story telling, and poetry, students will be engaged, encouraged, and empowered to make it from the streets of their minds, to the stage of their dreams.

Monti’s passion for helping students stems from the adversity he faced early on in life. Forced to live in poverty due to his mother’s drug addiction, Monti grew up sleeping on cardboard boxes, living in parks, and being abused by foster parent after foster parent. Until 8th grade Monti was in special Ed. classes and was held back on two separate occasions. Despite this adversity, Monti went on to obtain two college degrees, become a state basketball champion, award winning poet, Mcdonalds All- American nominee, nationally recognized actor, and co-founder of Truality.org, a non-profit organization aimed at inspiring youth to be TRU The Real U.

For more information on Monti Washington, click here.

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