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How are we Excellent?

One of the benefits of living on campus is the built-in academic community that surrounds you 24/7. Between being within walking distance to academic support services, having lounge study spaces to focus on work, and encountering other residents in your building who are taking/have taken similar classes - the bonuses to residence hall life are tremendous! If you want to be Academically Excellent as our school year comes to a close, follow these tips!

  • Utilize Hall Resources - From computer labs in the hall to study spaces available to residents, our residence halls provide immense benefits. Find out what type of study environment you prefer, then look for it in your hall! Talk to upperclassmen in your building and find out what to expect in your major. Being prepared is one of the best ways to be excellent. When you know what you're looking for, it's easier to focus.
  • Get Active with ASP - Academic Support Programs (ASP) serves as a great resource for all students. No matter your GPA or study skills and experience, ASP strives to provide you with the resources you need. From writing skills, tutoring, peer assists, and academic coaching, you're sure to find a resource you can utilize. Find out more information about ASP here!
  • Find a Balance - College is a crucial time to find your work-life balance. Remember to take time in-between study sessions to reward yourself. While getting the grade is a significant goal, taking care of yourself should be equally important. Remember: too much stress can be a negative factor into your grades.  
  • Ask Questions - Both inside the classroom and out, be curious about what's going on! If you're struggling with a problem, talk to your professor. Similarly, if you feel that you need additional support but don't know where to go, reach out to your RA for some great on-campus resources.

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