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Residence Hall spaces are reserved by new and returning students.  Please select from the menu options to the right what works for you.

The 2015-16 on-line residence hall room sign-up window for UW-Platteville continuing students for all credit loads is currently open

Your application is considered legally submitted once you check the box on your e-application, however your space will not be reserved beyond your application window until your Residence Life pre-payment is submitted.  You may pay $150 pre-payment via credit card online or by submitting a check to the Department of Residence Life in Royce Hall.

Just a reminder that UW-Platteville enforces the UW Board of Regent two-year residency policy stating all freshmen and sophomore students must live in university residence halls unless they meet established criteria for exemption.

OFF-CAMPUS STUDENTS:  Students currently living off campus are welcome to sign-up for residence hall living for the 2015-16 academic year.  Sign up for your 2015-16 residence hall space by clicking on Returning Student on the right.

SPECIAL NOTE: The UW System Board of Regents residency requirement that freshmen and sophomores are required to live in a community environment will be enforced for 2015-16 and beyond.  All residence hall contracts are full academic year contracts.  Students who are involved in a university sponsored program (co-op, education abroad, internship, student teaching) or are called for military service must request a release from the spring semester through the Department of Residence Life.  Once a contract is signed (box checked), it is legally binding.  Make your decision to sign a Department of Residence Life contract carefully.  No resident may cancel their Department of Residence Life contract for any reason unless they are no longer attending the university.  Your contract is a legally binding contract, with or without the $150 prepayment, and you will be held to the terms therein.

At UW-Platteville, your privacy is our priority!  We promise not to sell or disclose any of your personal information, including your email address, to a third party.  All of the information you submit is solely for internal purposes.

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