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This pane clears float!


Breakfast will be a complimentary breakfast from Comfort Inn and Suites.


All attendees will have a boxed lunch catered to the boardroom. This will consist of a sandwich, bag of chips, piece of fruit, a dessert, and a drink. 

There is also the Pioneer Perk which is located on the second floor of the MPSC.  The Perk brews Starbucks coffee features a full coffee bar along with chi teas and various treats.

Catered Dinner:

Buffet style dinner featuring fettuccini alfredo and roast chicken. Including garlic mashed potatoes, a vegetable along with salads and dessert.  Drinks will be included.

Clear Float

This pane clears float!

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Contact Us

Conference Chair: Nicole Mitchell

Email: mitchelln@uwplatt.edu

Phone: 608.342.2007

Conference Chair: Melissa Radke

Email: radkem@uwplatt.edu

NRHH Advisor: Coree Burton

Email: burtonco@uwplatt.edu

Phone:  608.342.3230

RHA Advisor: Kathryn Peck

Email: peckk@uwplatt.edu

Phone: 608.342.3200

RHA Advisor: John Sagehorn

Email: sagehornj@uwplatt.edu

Phone: 608.342.7250

NRHH Liaison: Matt Zielinski

Email: zielinsm@uwplatt.edu

Phone: 608.342.1845

RHA Liaison: Jen Artz

Email: littlej@uwplatt.edu

Phone: 608.342.1845

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