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renting your loft:

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville chapter of National Residence Hall Honorary works with Collegiate Marketing Inc. to provide rental lofts to students on campus. The cost for renting a loft for the Spring 2015 semester is $95 or $110 with shelf, plus tax.  Collegiate Marketing handles all ordering requests. On January 17th-19th, you will be able to pick up your pre-ordered loft by the Morrow Hall patio from 6pm-7pm.  Due to an increase in student population and the popularity of this program it is strongly advised that you pre-order a loft. If you would like to order a loft or have any additional questions about the rental lofts, please contact Collegiate Marketing.

Students are not allowed to build their own lofts in Bridgeway Commons, McGregor Hall, Melcher Hall, Rountree Commons, Southwest Hall, or Wilgus Hall. The room assignment email will contain rental information on a high loft conversion kit. The rental cost for a Spring 2015 semester loft is $95 or $110 with shelf, plus tax. This cost is billed to your student account. To reserve a loft for these halls, please visit our Loft Registration page.

Many of our residents have found that lofts enable them to use the floor space in their rooms more efficiently. Over the years, students have come up with a variety of loft designs. As the popularity of lofts has grown, Residence Life has felt an increasing need to provide students with some guidance regarding the utilization of lofts in the residence halls. A downloadable PDF file with basic guidelines for building your own loft can be found on the right-hand side of the page.


The University of Wisconsin Platteville assumes no liability for the safety of any loft built, purchased, or rented for use in your residence hall room. This means that you assume liability for anything placed or constructed in your room.


COLLEGIATE MARKETING LOFTS:  Fall loft returns will be from December 9-11th at the Morrow Hall patio. The time for loft return is from 9pm-10pm. Spring loft returns will be from January 17th-19th from 6-7pm at the Morrow Hall patio. Mid-semester loft returns are coordinated through the Collegiate Marketing Coordinators. If these times do not work with student schedules they may email to set up a different time. Please contact your Resident Assistant for additional information.

RESIDENCE LIFE RENTAL LOFT KITS:  Students who rented lofts in Bridgeway, McGregor, Melcher, Rountree, Southwest and Wilgus Halls will need to see your residence hall staff for information and instructions on how and when to return your loft rental.

A few things to note:

•Failure to return the rental loft will result in a $50 impoper loft return charge.
•If you stored your head/footboards for the academic year, remember to return them to your room.

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