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Platteville is home to over 11,000 people as well as over 8,000 students at the UW-Platteville.  If you choose to live off-campus, it is important to remember that you are moving into a diverse neighborhood consisting of professional people, elderly, students and families with children.  It is every owner or renter's responsbility to know and follow the local rules and codes.  Visit or call 608.348.9741 for a complete copy of the Platteville City Code and/or to obtain more extensive information about the City, its regulations and services.


The landlord is required to have a valid rental license for all residential units in the City of Platteville. [Owner/Occupied rental units have special requirements.  Please check with the City's Dept of Building and Rental Inspection if you will be renting in this type of unit.] 


As provided in Chapter 22 of the Municipal Code of the City of Platteville, a “family” is defined as follows:

“Any number of persons, all of whom are related to each other by blood, adoption, or marriage, or a group of not more than 4 persons not so related, living together in one dwelling unit as a single housekeeping entity.”

To further clarify this definition, if adequate sleeping and living area are provided, a single family home or apartment shall have no more than (4) four unrelated persons residing within.  A duplex may have (4) four unrelated persons in each apartment for a total of (8) eight within the building (if adequate sleeping and living area are provided).   A triplex may have (4) four unrelated persons in each apartment for a total of (12) twelve within the building (if adequate sleeping and living area are provided).

Various legal rooming houses within the city may allow for more than 4 residents.  If you are uncertain as to the type (i.e. single family vs. duplex vs. rooming house) of structure you will be renting, please check with your landlord or the City of Platteville Building Inspector at 608.348.9741 for further clarifications.

Please be advised that a violation of Platteville’s zoning ordinance presently carries a forfeiture of $50.00 plus court costs and assessments (about $186.00 total).  Should any inspection find a violation of this ordinance, each day that the violation exists or continues constitutes a separate offense and the forfeiture amount increases for second and third offenses within one year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Building Inspection Office at 608.348.9741.

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