Remedial Courses in Math and English

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville entered a consortium agreement with the Southwestern Technical College at Fennimore, Wis., whereby they would provide instruction in English and mathematics to students judged deficient in the above subject areas.

Entering new students at UW-Platteville who do not meet the minimum English and mathematics placement test requirements would be expected to take one or both of the above classes prior to their being allowed into an entry level English or mathematics course at UW-Platteville. The courses are non-credit, i.e. they do not count toward the total number of credits needed to satisfy degree requirements at UW-Platteville.

The courses are entitled Fundamentals of English-10, Technical Mathematics-10, and Technical Science-10 are taught by Fennimore faculty. Students attend the above classes on the Platteville campus as is the case with all other course work. The fee for each course includes textbooks. The student registering for one or both courses will be billed for tuition and fees from the UW-Platteville Cashier's Office.

Students may not register for more than a total of 15 credits of academic work per term until they have satisfied their deficiencies. An entering new student must pass the English and mathematics placement tests to be allowed into credit level courses in the above subjects. Students who attain low placement tests results would be required to successfully complete "Fundamentals of English" and/or "Technical Mathematics" before they would be allowed to register for credit level English or mathematics courses. Questions concerning remedial course work may be directed to the English department or the mathematics department.

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