Students approaching completion of their program should:

  1. Review with their major advisor(s) all coursework, credits earned, and possible waivers or changes to their degree
  2. Inform the Registrar's office of any degree changes, substitutions, or waivers
  3. File an Intent to Graduate form with the Registrar's office the semester before they plan to graduate
  4. Prepare for Commencement (attendance is strongly encouraged) by obtaining a cap and gown, tassel, announcements, etc. Contact the University Bookstore in the Pioneer Student Center regarding what they have on hand, and what needs to be ordered.

Graduation Fee

Every semester the Registrar's Office is required to notify various offices of potential graduates for that semester. Graduating students are billed for a graduation fee of $40.00. A lending institution may contact a student regarding loan repayment. Students should keep this in mind when choosing to file the intent to graduate form.


Commencements are held twice each year, at the end of the fall and spring semesters. All coursework (including co-ops, internships, and student teaching) must be completed before a degree will be awarded, and attendance at a commencement ceremony is permitted.

Candidates for graduation at the end of a summer session are included in the May commencement. However, they may, if they wish, attend the May or December commencement. Summer graduates must inform the Registrar if they wish to attend the December commencement.

Although attendance is optional, we strongly encourage all graduates and their families to attend this important ceremony and celebrate the achievements of our new graduates.

Registrar: Graduation

December 2016 Commencement

Location - Williams Fieldhouse

Date - Saturday, December 17, 2016

     ♦ College of BILSA-9:00 am
     ♦ College of LAE-12:30 pm
     ♦ School of Graduate Studies-12:30 pm
     ♦ College of EMS-4:00 pm

Future Commencement Information

Date - Friday, May 12, 2017
♦ School of Business - 7:00pm
  (Accounting, Business, Media Studies)
♦ School of Graduate Studies
(all Master's programs) - 7:00pm

Date - Saturday, May 13, 2017
Undergraduate Ceremonies

♦ College of BILSA-9:00 am
  (excluding School of Business)
♦ College of LAE-12:30 pm
♦ College of EMS-4:00 pm


December 2016 Video

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