Class Schedule Worksheet

This form may be used when scheduling classes. While PASS offers tools for building schedules, sometimes a paper form is helpful to plan and schedule future classes. Some advisors require this form to be completed before releasing the advising pin to their advisees. Check with your specific advisor as to what their preference is. View the form.

Course Repeat Form

The course repeat form is to be used when a student is repeating a class three or more times. Sufficient justification and authorization is required from your advisor and your college's dean. Be sure to follow the instructions on the form carefully. View the form.

Course Add Form

Students may add courses using PASS through the 5th day of the semester. Courses may be added during the 6th–10th day with approval of the instructor and department chairperson. Late adds after the 10th day will also require approval of the college dean’s office. Students who add courses after the 10th day will be charged a late add fee of $15 per course. View the form.

Course Drop Form

Students may drop a course prior to its beginning or during the drop/add period at the start of each semester without the instructor’s signature. This form is used when dropping course/course after the 10th day of class.  Students who drop courses after the 10th day will be charged a drop fee of $15 per course.  DO NOT use this form when you wish to completely withdraw for the semester. View the form.

Course Audit Form

This form is used when requesting to take a course for no credit.  See the Cashier’s office for tuition cost. Additional information on auditing classes can be found on the Registration page. View the form.

Credit Overload Application Form

This form is required when students wish to enroll in extra units for a given term. Additional information on class overloads can be found on the Registration page. View the form.

Degree Program Change Form

This form is used if you are seeking a substitution, waiver, or other changes in your academic program. You must receive a recommendation on this form from your advisor. View the form.

Enrollment Verification Form

This form is used to provide verification to employers, other universities, and miscellaneous entities that may require you to prove that you attended UW-Platteville. View the form.


For more information on graduation, view the Graduation page. This form is to be completed prior to scheduling classes the semester before graduation. The Registrar's office will formally review all credits taken, transferred, or substituted/waived, and detail which course work remains or has not yet been taken. From this evaluation, students will recognize which credits or courses are to be completed in their last term of attendance. View the form.

Legal Name Change Request Form

This form is used to request a change of your legal name on your permanent records.  View the form.

Major, Minor, and Advisor Change Form

This form is used to add or remove majors and minors from your declared fields of study. It is also used to change advisors. View the form.

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