If you haven’t done so already, please review the FERPA information found at the link below before taking the quiz.


Q1: A parent calls to inquire about their son/daughter's grades. None of the student's Directory Information has been withheld. Can you give the parent information about the student's grades?

Q2: You receive a call from a city law enforcement official asking for a student's class schedule for the current term because the student is a suspect in a crime that is being investigated. Can you release the student's class schedule?

Q3: Your department head asks for a list of names and addresses for students who are enrolled in a specific course in the department. The addresses will be used to mail a survey about the quality of the course. Results of the survey will be used to improve the course. Is this an appropriate use of student record information?

Q4: An academic department is preparing a mailing to departmental students about a critical academic deadline. Should the mailing list include the name and address of a student who had requested that all Directory Information be withheld?

Q5: You receive a call from a parent of a registered student for whom all Directory Information is withheld. The parent wants to know if the student is registered for the current semester. What is the correct response?

  1. The student is enrolled this term.
  2. Our records do not reflect Directory Information for this individual. Either this person has not enrolled at UW-Platteville or the student has elected to restrict this information.
  3. What is Directory Information?

Q6: A professor has a stack of term papers for students to pick up. Is it acceptable to leave the papers in a location where students can look through the stack to locate their own papers?

Q7: An unauthorized person obtains private student information from a computer screen that was left unattended. Is this a violation of FERPA?

Q8: FERPA does not protect:

  1. Computer records with Personally Identifiable Information about members of a student extracurricular activity
  2. Paper records with grade point averages used to qualify members of the college basketball team
  3. A professor's handwritten, personal records about specific students in her class and their group project idea suggestions

Q9: A husband requests a copy of his wife's student schedule. The wife needs the copy to submit to her employer in order to be granted approval for tuition reimbursement. Should a copy of the wife's student schedule be given to the husband?

Q10: A parent calls wanting a copy of her son's grades for the previous semester. Her car insurance company needs his GPA to approve/reject a good student discount. The son is at work and is not available to go to the University to get the requested paperwork. The parent would like to expedite the situation by going to the University to get a copy of her son's grade report to fax to the insurance company. Can you release this grade report to the parent, since the student is unavailable?

The Registrar’s Office will review your quiz and respond via email normally within 1-2 business days after you submit the quiz. After clicking the submit button, you will be taken to the next page where the quiz answers and explanations will be provided.

*Special thanks to UW-Milwaukee for furnishing these FERPA materials.