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WWTC Associate Degrees   UW-P Baccalaureate Degree
Visual Communication   Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication Technologies Management

Rationale: The Visual Communication program at WWTC is designed to train individuals to work with professional communicators in the production of materials and the operation of equipment used in presentations. Students shoot photographs, operate video equipment and maintain commonly used audiovisual equipment.
  The purpose of the Communication Technologies Management program at UW-Platteville is to educate individuals for employment in a variety of communication careers, and to prepare them to manage resources and initiate change for the improvement of conditions in their profession and society. Experiences are structured to develop the creative, technical, analytical, and managerial abilities of enrolled students. Course sequences are focused in photography, broadcast production, telecommunication, and other related communication technologies.

Transferable Courses
WWTC Course(s) Credits UW-P Equivalent Course(s) Credits Granted
201-115 Typography I 3 Communication Elective 3
201-138 Computer Graphics I/Corel 3 Communication Elective 3
203-112 Photography I 3 Communication Elective 3
203-122 Photography II 3 Communication Elective 3
204-109 Electronic Publ I/Quark 3 Communication Elective 3
206-122 Audio Techniques 3 Communication Elective 3
206-133 Presentation Graphics 3 Communication Elective 3
206-135 AV Equip Oper/Maintenance 3 Communication Elective 3
701-121 Television Production I 3 Communication Elective 3
701-131 Television Production II 3 Communication Elective 3
102-128 Bus Org & Management 3 BusAdmin 2330 Leadership & Mgmt 3
204-126 Commercial Print Mthds 3 Commnctn 1230 Survey of Graphic Comm 3

Additional Information


Program-to-program transfer courses/credits are accepted only for the program/degree specified in this agreement. A change of major/degree/program invalidates these courses/credits for transfer unless they are approved within some other program-to-program Articulation Agreement for a different major/degree/program at UW-Platteville.