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MPTC Associate Degrees   UW-P Baccalaureate Degree
Electro-Mechanical Technology, Mechanical Design Technician   Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology Management

Rationale: The Moraine Park Technical College prepares students entering the world of work by offering Associate Degree programs with technical and industrial emphases. The Industrial Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville offers bachelors degree programs in industrial and technical management areas. The Associate Degree programs place a high degree of emphasis upon application and entry level skills while the bachelors degree at UW-Platteville builds upon the introductory application skills by adding theoretical coursework, management and business skills, analytical and humanistic competencies, and industrial internships. As industrial employment requirements become more complex and workplace changes occur with more frequency, students need the opportunity to upgrade their technical skills and competencies by pursuing a related collegiate level program. The advent of Tech Prep in the United States suggests the need for broadly educated workers with a high propensity of critical thinking and problem solving skills. This national thrust strongly suggests that articulation agreements be developed between institutions to ensure a broadly and extensively educated citizenry.

Transferable Courses
MPTC Course(s) Credits UW-P Equivalent Course(s) Credits Granted
620-101 DC Circuits
620-102 AC Circuits
3 Industdy 1200 Basic Electricity 3
620-128 Operational Amplifiers
620-104 Digital Electronics
3 Industdy 1240 Basic Electronics 3
620-103 Semi-Conductor Devices 3 Industdy 2260 Electronic Circuits 3
606-162 Manufacturing Methods 3 Industdy 1430 Basic Metal Processes 3
606-101 Design Drafting I
606-170 CADD Unigraphics
Industdy 1230 Technical Drafting 3
606-105 Design Drafting III
606-171 Advanced CADD-Unigraphics
Industdy 2230 Indust Prod Drafting 3
101-110 Intro to Accounting *
105-312 Fund of Accounting I *
101-111 Accounting I *
Accting 2010 Financial Accounting 3
105-120 Business Organization * 3 Busadmin 1200 Intro to Amer Bus Enter 3
* Courses apply to selected options in Industrial Technology Management Major.

Additional Information


Program-to-program transfer courses/credits are accepted only for the program/degree specified in this agreement. A change of major/degree/program invalidates these courses/credits for transfer unless they are approved within some other program-to-program Articulation Agreement for a different major/degree/program at UW-Platteville.