UUCC Core Curriculum Review

The UUCC is continuing the comprehensive Core Curriculum review and revalidation process; the final version of the review form is now available via the link below. For your convenience, an example review form and instruction packet also are available. Please review all forms carefully before you begin. If you have questions, please contact the convener of the appropriate subcommittee. The complete list of subcommittee members is included in the packet.

Please keep in mind that the form to be submitted, cc-review-form.pdf, should be downloaded and saved prior to inserting text in the various fields.

The UUCC has informed all deans, department chairs and directors that the final forms are available. The UUCC asks that you submit your materials by June 1, 2013. Details are in the packet.

Best wishes, and thanks for your continued patience.

Arthur Ranney
UUCC Chair
E-mail: ranneya@uwplatt.edu


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