It has come to our attention that an update needs to be made to the Academic Staff Professional Development grant application form due to recent travel policy updates. Because the deadline to submit applications is quickly approaching, this update is being sent out via e-mail rather than a change being made to the application itself.

For section 4 on the ASPD Proposal Budget Page (page 2 of the application), there is no longer a standard per diem allocated for meal allowances. This change also applies to section 3 of the budget page (Lodging) if you are not staying at the conference/event site. The amounts are specific to each applicant based on the location of the event.

To accurately reflect these amounts, applications for the ASPD grant will need to include a printout from the TravelWise website showing the allowances for the specific trip. You can find the calculator to determine these amounts at https://uw.foxworldtravel.com/rate-calculator/. The results page is printable and should be included in your application materials.

Please let Kalyn Williams (williamskal@uwplatt.edu) know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
The ASPD Grant Committee

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