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Program Description

The Pre-College Academy is a two-week residential program at UW-Platteville. This means the students will spend two weeks on UW-Platteville’s campus while participating in fun, challenging and engaging projects. Program is geared toward: 9-11th graders.

Founded Upon Experiential Learning: Pre-College academy is founded on experiential education principles, chief among them: students will learn by doing. While there is classroom instruction time, students will develop valuable skills through engaging with subjects rather than just reading about them. Learning is the most important part of the process, so we encourage students to push themselves, take risks, make mistakes, and become active participants in the learning process. We will focus on two academic areas: writing and mathematics. We have crafted engaging projects that will make learning fun and memorable.

Developing the whole person: Precollege Academy’s programming is designed to nourish the whole person. It challenges students to honestly evaluate themselves, to set personal and professional goals, and to care for themselves physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Leadership: UW-Platteville’s Pre-College Coordinator has worked with a colleague to create OneWin, a leadership program geared to impact students of all ages. The vision for OneWin is to use progressive challenges with the expectation that participants will rise to, and overcome, every challenge. This is done to aid participants in creating "artifacts of success," or examples of times where they "win." This creates "punctuated moments" designed to help them remember and replicate their success through the sight, sounds, tastes, and feelings associated. The end game is to get them to habitually produce one thought: "it's possible." We believe with this thought, participants will move away from a system built upon avoidance of challenge, limitation and fear, and embrace a system that seeks out challenges, and believes in limitless potential and pursues opportunity fearlessly.

Pre-College Academy is about re-writing your narrative: Everyone has a story. At Pre-College Academy, students will learn skills to change the trajectory of their lives. This program is about building knowledge, confidence, providing hope, and changing the lives of every participant.

Academic Projects & Activities: We are going to focus on building skills and interest in two academic areas: writing and mathematics. We are taking a project-based approach; meaning that students will improve writing and mathematics skills through completing engaging and rigorous projects. In mathematics, students will engage in a building project where they design, build, and present a functional structure. The writing project will have students researching, writing creative stories, and presenting information related to countries across the globe. Participants will work in teams, and will have to make key decisions to move their projects from concept to creation.


“Success begins with OneWin.”


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Pre-College Academy

Eligible Participants: 9–11 grade students
Scholarships Available: 30
Dates: TBD
Transportation: Provided
Housing: Provided
Meals: Provided

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