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Are you prepared to make an impact? 

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs' Pre-College Programs is offering a dynamic employment opportunity. We are looking for 10 current UW-Platteville students seeking an opportunity to gain transferrable work skills, improve leadership skills, impact the lives of youth across the tri-state area, have fun, and make money doing it.

We are looking for 5 Team Leaders of Pre-College Academy; 5 Team Leaders for Discover The Arts! 

Pre-College Academy focuses on high school population, and Discover The Arts! focuses on middle school populations. 


Quick Facts

Team Leader (Pioneer)


  • Assist with implementing Pre-College activities
  • Attend leader training
  • Supervise and relate to participants during the program
  • Effectively managing, mentoring, and leading participants
  • Promote a culture of awareness and safety
  • Promote a culture of positivity and engagement
  • Manage group schedule


  • Making satisfactory academic progress
  • Energetic and optimistic
  • Availability
    • Able to attend 3 day training
    • Travel to pick-up sites
    • For the duration of the program (June 15-29, 2014)
  • Self-starter / Initiator / Comfortable with giving direction
  • Capable of leading group debrief sessions
  • Good organizational and administrative skills
  • Clear and professional communication / Conflict resolution
  • Willingness to work with diverse populations
  • Ability to develop relationships and collaborations
  • Organizing and managing office space, products, and forms

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