Political Science Faculty and Staff

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Rosalyn Broussard

Rosalyn Broussard, Professor
Office: Gardner 139
Tel: 608.342.1805
E-mail: broussar@uwplatt.edu

Nancy Hammermeister

Nancy Hammermeister, Lecturer
Office: Gardner 135
Tel: 608.342.1673
E-mail: hammermeist@uwplatt.edu

M. Adrienne Jones

M. Adrienne Jones, Lecturer
Office: Ullsvik 2511
Tel: 608.342.7121
E-mail: jonesmad@uwplatt.edu

Travis Nelson

Travis NelsonAssociate Professor and Department Chair
Office: Gardner 138
Tel: 608.342.1809
E-mail: nelsontra@uwplatt.edu
Specialty: International Relations; American Foreign Policy

Scott Nikolai

Scott NikolaiSenior Lecturer
Office: Pioneer Tower 707
Tel: 608.342.1690
E-mail: nikolais@uwplatt.edu

John Rink

John Rink, Professor
Office: Gardner 140
Tel: 608.342.1795
E-mail: rink@uwplatt.edu

Shan Sappleton

Shan Sappleton, Assistant Professor
Office: Gardner 137
Tel: 608.342.1806
E-mail: sappletons@uwplatt.edu

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Benjamin Wood, Lecturer
Office: Gardner 149
Tel: 608.342.6019
E-mail: woodbe@uwplatt.edu

Clear Float

This pane clears float!

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