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About the Political Science Program

The Political Science Program enables its majors to improve substantially their understanding of themselves and the world. The department seeks to educate students to have knowledge and appreciation of politics, the development of political thought and governance, and the essential knowledge of their chosen fields. It attempts to enable students to live more meaningfully in the world according to their understanding of themselves and others. The department seeks to prepare its graduates for employment and/or advanced study, and to stimulate students in anticipating their future roles as professionals and citizens.

Career Opportunities

Students who major in political science move into a variety of professional careers upon their graduation. Some seek a career in the public sector by becoming mid-level administrators of city, state or federal governments and their affiliated agencies. Some go on to graduate school for a master's degree program in public policy and administration, which practically assures challenging and rewarding positions in management. Others go to law school to study law, later becoming attorneys. UW-Platteville's Pre-law concentration has been commended for its quality and relatively high ratio of the enrollees admitted to law schools.

Other students successfully develop their careers in the business sector as mid-level managers. Students interested in a business career are advised to take courses in public management, economics, business, and psychology. Foreign service and working for international organizations are other career options for political science majors.

The ability to comprehend the significance of events, the ability to write with clarity and the ability to influence the views and perceptions of others are substantially cultivated and enhanced at UW-Platteville through a well-designed program of studying political science and related disciplines.


The James C. Klein Memorial Scholarship is awarded every year to a talented pre-law student. Political Science majors and minors are also eligible for a variety of university-wide scholarships as well as scholarships offered through the College of Liberal Arts and Education.

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