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Project Management Center of Excellence, also known as the PMCOE, was created in the fall of 2013 and is responsible for oversight of approved IT projects.

The center will establish and support standard project management processes at UW-Platteville, focusing initially on projects with technology components and projects related to the strategic plan. The office will expand its scope of services over time. It will also offer assistance to other areas on management of projects by sharing processes and working materials. In addition, it will establish and track projects as a group using the principles of portfolio management. Its work will include supporting the development of project ideas for review and approval through a new IT priorities structure being implemented for the university. 

The success of the center, over time, will be measured by:

  1. Project completion percentage (on time, on budget, completed scope, and satisfaction of customers)
  2. Expansion of project management services from IT projects and strategic plan projects to a broader set across the institution
  3. Communication and transparency regarding projects in planning, underway, and completed at UW-Platteville

Not sure if your request meets the criteria to be considered an IT Project? Take a look below to help understand what is and what is not an IT project.

To be considered an IT project, requests must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Work requiring more than 24 hours (3 days of IT time)
  • Cost greater than $5,000
  • An existing project cost adjustment greater than 25 percent
  • Work/impact broader than one campus department or equivalent unit
  • Requires coordination across IT
  • Involves standing up a new technology or expanding functionality of an existing solution

Routine upgrades to systems/software/technology are considered standard operating procedure and do not need to be submitted as an IT project.

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PMCOE: Important Dates

Important Dates

Key Dates for Fall 2015 IT Prioritization Cycle:

  • April 10th -  Project Proposal due to PMCOE (Submit to carotherst@uwplatt.edu)
  • June 15th - Executive Committee decisions will be communicated

Review "IT Prioritization Calendar" in Quick Links for full schedule.

Fall 2015 will include projects to be started no sooner than September 2015.

PMCOE: Contact Us

Contact Us

Have questions pertaining to Project Management processes? We are here to help.

PMCOE office
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
401 Karrmann Library
1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI 53818

Heather Faherty
Project Manager
Tel: 608.342.7359
E-mail: fahertyh@uwplatt.edu

Mary Judkins
Project Manager
Tel: 608.342.7356
E-mail: judkinsm@uwplatt.edu

For questions pertaining to the ITP process, please see below:

Todd Carothers
Interim Director, PMCOE
Tel: 608.342.1464
E-mail: carotherst@uwplatt.edu

Sue Traxler
Assistant Vice Chancellor of IT/CIO
E-mail: traxlers@uwplatt.edu


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