The UW-Platteville campus community is currently developing a new three to five-year strategic plan to advance the excellence of our academic mission in light of the current climate of decreased state resources and economic uncertainty.

Development of this plan is critical because it will provide clarity in our direction, inform decisions regarding resources, and provide context for other important decisions. It will also give the university a tool to communicate its mission and goals to its many constituents over the next five years.

We are excited about the planning process. It will engage the entire university community through structured sessions and electronic surveys, social networking tools, and other devices, giving everyone ownership in the final plan.

The plan will be a dynamic document that can be adapted to accommodate major changes as they present themselves. There will be a process for regular review and revision of the plan once it is in place.

Chancellor Dennis J. Shields

If you have suggestions for or comments on the strategic planning process, please e-mail them to Your input is greatly appreciated.

Strategic Planning Process