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Pickard Hall, named after Josiah L. Pickard and built in 1969, houses 275 residents, approximately 205 men and 70 women, and is located in “The Circle." Very popular with first year students, Pickard Hall provides a close community atmosphere for its residents. Starting in the fall of 2013, Pickard Hall will be hosting a First Year Experience Interest Community (To learn more about Interest Communities, click here).

The structure of Pickard is unique in that it has a center stairwell in addition to those at the east and west ends of the building. The study lounges and main lobby of Pickard were updated with new seating and tables in the spring of 2012. New mini fridges were placed in all of the student rooms in the spring of 2011 and spring of 2012.

Pickard Hall sponsors an annual "Fright Fest" haunted house-type activity at Halloween as a charity fundraiser. This event is open not only to UW-Platteville students, but to community members as well. In the Spring, the staff and hall council also put on a murder mystery event, like a giant Clue game! These are both amazing opportunities for residents to get involved, make new friends, and gain valuable leadership experience!

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Happy February!

Can you believe the first month of the new year is over already!? As we dive into the semester, hopefully you are finding your grove and beginning to remember your schedule. As we begin to get into the heart of the semester, make sure you are taking the steps to set yourself up for success! Below are a few tips, plus a few things you need to begin thinking about.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you stop by your professor’s office during their office hours. Even if you feel the class is going well and that you understand the content, make sure you pop in and say hi. Professors enjoy getting to know their students. You may be surprised at what you learn about your professor in a short conversation! If you would like to get to know some professors and also get some free pizza, make sure you sign up for “Pizza with the Profs” this semester. You can sign up at the front desk as the dates approach. Professors to be announced.

Wednesday, February 15th
Monday, March 6th
Tuesday, April 4th
Wednesday, April 26th

*all in the Pickard Hall basement study lounge at the bottom of the central staircase

In addition to getting to know your professors, make sure you utilize the Academic Support Programs Office and other resources around campus this semester to help with your classes. You can find a list of campus resources here!

This semester, make sure you are taking care of YOU! Get enough sleep, eat right, utilize the PAC, find a club or organization, attend a comedian that CPR puts on, and attend Pickard Hall’s Hall Council! Our new time for Hall Council this semester is Wednesday nights at 8:30pm. Come down to find out what’s going on around campus, have your voice heard, and participate in the weekly activates to help your wing bring home the Wing Champion Plaque!

Finally, fall 2017 room reservation will be coming up very shortly. First, make sure you are attending your RA’s wing meeting to find out more information. You will also be receiving an email from the Director of Residence Life introducing the process. Room reservation is based upon your credit standing. Below are the dates when you will be able to reserve your room. Remember, your $150 deposit must be submitted before you are allowed to reserve a room. Further information can be found on the Residence Life’s website.

February 13 – 15: Same room sign-up (except for Southwest Hall and Cooper LLC which have already begun their processes).
February 16 – 19: Students with greater than or equal to 60 post high school credits begin sign-up.
February 20 – 22: Students with 30 – 59 post high school credits begin sign-up.
February 23 – 26: Students with 15 – 29 post high school credits begin sign-up.
February 27: Returning students who have less than 14 post high school credits begin sign-up.

An important note before you sign up for a room for next year, think about the amenities that you would like to have, as well as your housing budget for next year! In addition, the two-year residency requirement that the UW system has is enforced. So, don’t sign a lease off campus thinking you will get out of your live on requirement. You would hate to have to pay two housing bills!

Safety Tip of the Month: Mental health issues are quite common for students in their young twenties. It is so important to seek our help and assistance if something isn’t feeling right. Common signs of mental health changes include major changes in appetite, sleeping patterns, energy levels, and interest in certain activities. If you or a friend is experiencing some or all of these symptoms, we encourage you to seek support from our University Counseling Services located on the 2nd Floor of Royce Hall.

As always, please do not hesitate to stop by my office, located next to the front desk.

Have a great semester and I will see you around!


Adam Iserman, M.S.
Pickard Hall Resident Director

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