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Upcoming Events on PioneerLink


Every spring semester a prominent individual is brought to campus to speak on any number of items: relevant issues in their field, the state of the world, how students can engage in their education, etc. All students are encouraged to attend, and for that reason classes are cancelled during the event.


Stop The Hate is an educational initiative of Campus Pride and supports colleges and universities in preventing and combating hate on campus as well as fostering the development of community. The national program serves as the premiere source of anti-hate educational resources for higher education institutions and campus communities.


Students Networking About Problems is an annual fall workshop bringing together students, faculty, and staff to discuss current UW-Platteville topics, including alcohol, drugs, sexual assault, etc. The goals of the program are: educate students about topics, provide a forum for honest discussion, and create individual and community action plans.


The Pioneer Involvement Center works with students and departments to give back to the Platteville Community through Community Service. With programs such as Pioneer's Pay it Forward, students will develop a sense of community within the university and the greater city of Platteville.

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