Guidelines for Search & Screen Committee Selection

I. Composition
The Search and Screen Committee is composed of five or six members acting on behalf of the institution. This number provides enough necessary participation and expertise without losing effectiveness. A larger committee of seven to nine persons would be warranted for positions of increased responsibility (e.g. a provost, dean or athletic director).

Some items to consider when making the selection are: personal qualities, interest in outcome and areas of interest. The best members will be those with good judgement, integrity and independence of view as well as devoted to the institution (even though sometimes critical of it). As a group the committee should have status commensurate with the position at stake and be willing to serve. The composition of each search committee should be tailored to the position. Faculty members should comprise the majority of any search for a provost, dean or academic chair and sit on all other search committees. For non-academic searches, administrators, students and academic staff should be included in the selection. In addition, ask the following questions: Some suggestions for broadening the pool from which committee members are drawn:
II. Committee Appointment
Selection should begin with appropriate consultation and appointment of the chair. This must be someone in whom the appointing officer has confidence. In addition to the qualities already mentioned, a chair must be able to motivate a group, be skilled in conflict resolution and be an advocate of the university. The person must also be senior enough and independent enough to command the respect of the committee.

The chair and appointing officer assume responsibility, with appropriate consultation, for forming the committee. Governance bodies may contribute nominations but do not appoint members or designate representatives to serve.