Student Employee Responsibilities

General Information

Pay Dates: Pay dates are bi-weekly. The first pay date is dependent upon the date the work authorization was turned into payroll, your starting date, and when hours for the pay period are submitted. Payment for Lump Sum positions will be dependent on when the work authorization is turned in, when the work is performed, and when the Supervisor submits the payment form to the Payroll Office.

Direct Deposit can be set up for either checking or savings accounts at any bank, in any state. Direct deposit stays in effect until a stop notice is turned into the payroll office or you have had no pay for seven months. If you change or close an account, notify the payroll office before the account is officially closed at the bank to be sure there are no earnings in transit.

Work-Study: If your position is being paid with work-study dollars, when your work-study award is expended, your position will automatically roll over to a regular funded position. EXCEPTION: Students working for non-profit off-campus agencies will have their work authorization cancelled when the work-study award is expended. Students should monitor earnings each pay period. Students having questions regarding their work-study awards or total work-study earnings should contact the Financial Aid Office.

Work Authorization: A work authorization must be turned in for each position. Until the work authorization is turned in, the payroll office has no knowledge that you are working.

FICA: Students are exempt from FICA taxes during the academic year. During the summer, students may or may not be exempt, depending on number of credits taken and number of weeks between sessions.

Tax Sheltered Annuity: Students are eligible to participate in Tax Sheltered Annuities, see For more information contact the Payroll Office, 2300 Ullsvik Hall, 342-1178.

QUESTIONS: Contact the Payroll Office, 2300 Ullsvik Hall, 342-1178.