Policy for “Lump Sum” Payments to Student Employees

University of Wisconsin System policy permits paying students a “Lump Sum” payment. The Financial Aid Office must review “Lump Sum” student positions. A job description, rationale for “lump sum” payment status and recommended payment amounts must be identified in the request.

The Request for “Lump Sum” Payment for a Student Position form is available in various formats:


Designation of “Lump Sum” position(s) will be consistent with the University of Wisconsin System policy. General criteria that will be used to evaluate requests are:

Supervisors must receive approval that the criteria for a “Lump Sum” position have been met before a “Lump Sum” work authorization will be given to the individual student(s) who will be working in the position. The Financial Aid Office will notify the requesting supervisor of the approved position(s).


Supervisors must complete the attached form and submit the form to the Financial Aid Office. A committee from the Financial Aid and Human Resources Offices will review the request. The Financial Aid Office will return the form either approved or disapproved to the supervisor. Only one form per job title needs to be completed.

Students hired for approved positions must complete a “Lump Sum” work authorization form. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to make sure the authorization form is completed and to authorize the payments through the Payroll Office when needed. No more than four (4) payments per semester should be requested on a “Lump Sum” work authorization. Requests for payment should be consistent with the information provided on the “Lump Sum” work authorization. The supervisor shall not authorize more payments than the amount approved or change the payment amount unless a new “Lump Sum” work authorization has been completed. Payments should not be made before the work is complete, unless partial payments have been approved.

The Human Resources/Payroll Office has been notified of the necessity for DEPARTMENTS that pay students on a LUMP SUM basis to keep a log of hours by day that are actually worked. Please start the log with the summer work authorization period of 5/26/02. This log will be required in audit situations and is necessary to comply with the FSLA regulations.