The following applies to all full-time faculty and academic staff vacancies. Adherence to the University’s EEO/AA policies and procedures is required for filling all position vacancies. As forms and web pages are updated often to accommodate changes and improve documentation, new downloads should be done for each search. Do not use documents downloaded previously unless they have been checked for changes. The date of the most recent change usually can be found at the bottom of each web page and each document.

Announcement of Position Vacancy


See the following respective and separate check off lists. See also the Secretary of Search and Screen Committee Check Off List.

Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff
Dean and Vice-Chancellor
Determine rank, salary range, job search area (local/regional or national), the number of years experience necessary, the application deadline, and the number of years of experience which may be awarded toward salary and tenure considerations.
Supervisor (Department Chair, Director, etc.)
Selects Search and Screen Committee in the manner previously determined and assists the committee with recruitment plan. See the Search and Screen Committee selection guidelines.

Administrative Academic Staff
Director of Human Resources and Area Head
Determine Hayes-Hill title, the appropriate salary range, the minimum qualifications required, the job search area (local/regional or national), the number of years experience necessary, the application deadline, and how many years of experience will be considered for salary. A copy of the PDQ for the position is available in Human Resources and should be used as a reference.
Selects Search and Screen Committee in the manner previously determined and assists the committee with the recruitment plan. See the Search and Screen Committee selection guidelines.

Chooses a secretary of the search and screen committee who prepares a file for the search, making sure to put on the label the name of the position and the code which will be used for that position (the code should be 4 to 8 characters long and can contain alpha or numeric characters). Examples: 07AG12, 64A07, 07SA, 07LIBRY3, 91-07, EMS07.


Search and Screen Committee

Chair of the Department/Director (Supervisor)

Dean/Area Head

Affirmative Action Officer and Vice Chancellor

Search and Screen Committee

Development of Interview Forms

Search and Screen Committee


Application Materials

Application Materials are to include:
  1. Letter of Application: States the specific position applied for and addresses the position description requirements.
  2. Current Résumé: Includes all pertinent information relative to the qualifications as stated in the job announcement.
  3. Names of Current References: These include name, title, address and phone number. (Copies of current letters of recommendation are required prior to an official visit to UW-Platteville. These letters must address the applicant’s credentials and qualifications in relation to the position description, and should be sent directly from the person making the recommendation.)
  4. Transcripts (for finalists only): From all institutions at which the applicant has earned credit. These may be unofficial transcripts to be verified by official transcripts if an appointment is accepted.
  5. Special Materials (if any): Departments may wish to specify in the announcement that certain non-returnable application materials are required of all applicants in addition to those stated above. During the application process additional materials (e.g. performance tapes, sample programs, slides, a portfolio or writing samples) may be requested. Applicants should be instructed to provide self-addressed return mailers should they wish to have the materials returned.

Receipt of Application Materials by Search and Screen Committee

Notification of Receipt of Materials

The Chair of the Search and Screen Committee should have the secretary send each applicant an acknowledgement of receipt of the application. There are two ways the applicant can be notified. Documents the applicant must receive in some format with the letter of acknowledgement. The applicant should be advised to return the Request for Confidentiality form (if so desired) to the Search and Screen Committee and the Affirmative Action Data Questionnaire (Self-Identification Form) to the Affirmative Action Office for processing.

Return of Materials

Keep on file and thus do not return the standard materials listed and special materials requested of all applicants. Additional materials sent by request may not be returned until the position has been filled or withdrawn.

Screening/Selection Recommendation Process

Screening Applicants

The Search and Screen Committee

Department Chair/Supervisor Recommendation of the Candidates

Reviews Forms 3, 3a and 3b. If they are not acceptable he/she returns them for revision with an explanation. Considering the recommendation of the Committee, the Department Chair/Supervisor prepares a recommendation to the Dean/Area Head of the final candidates. These have been identified in the last column of Form 3b – Qualified Applicant List. The recommendation is to be submitted with Form 3 – Interview Request, the Form 3a – Applicant List, the Form 3b – Qualified Applicant List and all attachments. The application files of the final candidates should also be submitted with the above information. He/she signs Form 3 and forwards all the forms with the attachments to the Dean/Area Head.

Dean/Area Head Recommendation of the Candidate

Reviews Forms 3, 3a and 3b. If they are not acceptable he/she returns them for revision with an explanation. If the Dean/Area Head concurs with the recommendation of the Department Head/Director, Form 3 should be signed and forwarded to the Affirmative Action Office for review. Once validated and signed by Affirmative Action and the Provost/Vice Chancellor, copies of the forms are returned to the Chair of the Search and Screen Committee as tacit permission to interview the final candidate(s).


Preparation of Candidates’ Files for Interviews

At least five work days prior to the on-campus interview, the application files of each candidate are to be prepared by the Search and Screen Committee Chair with the contents as listed below:
  1. Interview Check List (a Word document)
  2. Itinerary for Interview
  3. Individual Application Log
  4. Letter of Application with copies of correspondence from the Search and Screen Committee
  5. Résumé
  6. Transcripts
  7. Recommendation Letters
  8. Narrative Reports of Calls made to references and/or others
  9. Candidate Screening Form
  10. Position Announcement
  11. List of specially requested items (items to be available, but not in the file)
These items are to be hand-carried to the Dean’s/Area Head’s office.

Candidate On-Campus Interviews

Unless inviting additional candidates has been approved by the Provost/Vice Chancellor, only three finalists will be invited for on-campus interviews. Further candidates will be invited for on-campus interviews only if the first three candidates are not acceptable for an offer or decline the position. All finalists should be afforded the same opportunities to meet with appropriate persons, to demonstrate professional abilities and follow similar meeting schedules.


The invitations for an on-campus interview will be extended by the Chair of the Search and Screen Committee by telephone.

If all interview arrangements are made by phone, the following information will be given as part of the phone conversation. If packets are being sent to the persons to be interviewed, the statement can be included in the packet.

“It is the policy of UW-Platteville to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified persons with disabilities who are employees or applicants for employment. If you need assistance or accommodations to interview because of a disability, please contact me at (phone number of person signing letter). Employment opportunities will not be denied to anyone because of the need to make reasonable accommodations to a person’s disability”


Interviews vary depending on the position available. Review the interview articles (What Every Supervisor Should Know About Interviewing and Hiring, The Art of the Interview, and Avoiding “Loaded” Employment Application Questions Which May Lead to Discrimination) for suggestions. In all cases the candidate shall receive a tour of the department facilities and meet with the Search and Screen Committee. Each department should make out an itinerary appropriate to the announced position (this can vary from a two-hour visit to a two-day visit, depending upon the level of the position). It is important to allow free time for the candidate to explore the campus and/or community.

On occasion the interview candidate is taken to lunch/dinner by a member of the Search and Screen Committee (host). University policy allows reimbursement of a meal for the candidate and one host, within the meal maximums allowed in the Travel Regulations. However, any additional attendees must either pay for their own meals or request reimbursement from Foundation funds.

The Chair of the Search and Screen Committee is responsible for sending the following materials to the candidate prior to a visit:
  1. Travel Log (which can be printed off from the Web site) to keep track of their travel expenses along with the Traveler’s Reference Guide. (The Traveler’s Reference Guide explains what travel expenses can be reimbursed. You may request a supply from the travel office.)
  2. Itinerary for the interview
  3. Reasonable Accommodation Statement
  4. Copy of the University catalogue
  5. Student recruitment viewbook and/or brochures
  6. Campus guide/map
  7. Calendar of events, performing arts series and other brochures of interest
  8. Chamber of Commerce materials

Evaluation of the Candidates

The Search and Screen Committee is responsible for
  1. Collecting and compiling the Interview Rating Forms used to assess the suitability of the candidate
  2. The preparation of a summary to be submitted to the department chair (supervisor) with the recommendation for offer of a position. This recommendation should be placed on the Form 4 – Request to Make an Offer. This form is to be signed by the Search and Screen Committee Chair, Department Chair/Supervisor, the Dean/Area Head, the Affirmative Action Officer and the Vice Chancellor.
If the recommendation is not to offer the candidate a position, the candidate’s name will be removed from further consideration and the process of bringing in the next highest ranked candidate will be initiated.

Upon return of the Form 4 – Request to Make an Offer by the Vice Chancellor’s office, an offer of appointment can be made.

Offer of Appointment

If it is necessary to make a verbal offer at the time of the interview, verbal agreement must be received from the Dean, the Affirmative Action Officer and the Provost/Vice Chancellor. The Dean (Area Head) is responsible for contacting the candidate to make a verbal offer. When the verbal offer is made, a deadline for the acceptance or rejection will be established (usually a week). The conditions/specifics of the appointment are to include: rank (title), salary, status of employment and any special conditions deemed necessary. The candidate should be informed that acceptance or rejection of the offer of appointment can be made by telephone with a confirmation letter.

When an offer is accepted, the following information should be requested from the candidate:
  1. Social Security Number
  2. Official transcript from the terminal degree granting institution
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Citizenship Status (Human Resources has been identified as the campus resource area for questions and procedures relating to the hiring of non-U.S. citizens. The Director of Human Resources is the only person on campus authorized to complete the required paperwork to hire such an individual. No international candidate should ever be offered a contract without the determination of his/her citizenship status by Human Resources.

Issuance of a Contract

After a verbal acceptance is made, Department Chair/Supervisor prepares and signs the Form 5 – Contract Request, and submits it to the Dean/Area Head with all stipulations for the hire included. Stipulations out of the ordinary should be attached to the form. The following must be part of Form 5 or attached before a contract will be issued:
  1. Social Security Number
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Official transcript from the terminal degree granting institution
  4. Citizenship Status
  5. The original application letter (a copy may be kept in the applicant’s file)
  6. The original résumé (a copy may be kept in the applicant’s file)
  7. Letters of Reference (copies may be kept in the applicant’s file)

The Dean/Area Head forwards Form 5 to the Office of the Provost/Vice Chancellor’s Office. The Chancellor’s Office removes all attachments and sends the form to the Human Resources Director for completion of the bottom portion of Form 5. He/She initials the form and returns it to the Chancellor’s Office. Once the Chancellor agrees to the hire by signing Form 5, the contract will be sent directly to the candidate from the Chancellor’s Office with directions and stipulations for its return. A position vacancy is not considered officially filled until the completed, signed contract has been received by the Office of the Chancellor.

The supervisor must ensure a complete file for the Search and Screen of the position, including all applications, copies of letters, and all other documentation, to be kept in department files.

The supervisor, in collaboration with the chair of the Search and Screen Committee, completes form UWS Form – Information on Recruitment of Full-Time Faculty and Non-Teaching Academic Staff Positions (alsoavailable from the Affirmative Action Office), if applicable. Forwards form to the Affirmative Action Office, making certain to keep a copy for the file.

Notification to Unsuccessful Applicants

The Search and Screen Chair is responsible for notifying unsuccessful applicants that the position has been filled. This letter is to clearly identify the position, but not name the appointee or provide specific information concerning the number of applicants or qualifications of the appointee. See a sample rejection letter.

Additional material requested of the applicants will be returned if requested and the appropriate self-addressed container is provided. This should be explained in the notification letter. The date of return of these materials should be noted on the Individual Application Log.