Self Study Americans with Disabilities Act

  1. Recruitment and Advertising
  2. Applicants' names are provided to the employer from Department of Employee Relations based on test scores. Those employees meeting test score requirements are interviewed and considered for the position. All applicants are provided a copy of the complete job description prior to an interview. All applicants are provided information concerning reasonable accommodations for interviews. Applicants are selected based on skills, experience, education, physical, medical, safety, and other job-related requirements established by the employer as requirements that an individual must meet in order to be eligible for the position.

    Qualification standards must apply to all applicants or employees, and not just to individuals with disabilities.

    The Personnel Office has elevator accessibility. All applications for limited term employment note "UW-Platteville is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer."

  3. Applications and Interviews
  4. Applications for employment contain no reference to handicap/disability. All letters of appointment for interview do contain the clause "if you need assistance or accommodations to interview because of a disability, please contact the Personnel Office." All job descriptions will be reviewed regarding ADA, and any open position will be reviewed for ADA. All advertising will contain a statement indicating that UW-Platteville is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All applications contain the Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer statement.

    Applications are only available from the Personnel Office. The Personnel Office is accessible by elevator.

    Applications may be filled out on site or returned to the Personnel Office via mail.

    Interviews are conducted at the job site. Interviews for certain positions such as grounds keepers or labor specialists that work campus-wide are conducted at the Physical Plant.

    Training regarding ADA will be provided annually to all supervisory personnel involved in job interviews. Training will be provided by the Personnel Office and the Affirmative Action Office. Training will include information and the following questions which may not be asked in an interview:

  5. Job Descriptions
  6. All classified positions have job descriptions on file. Position descriptions are developed by the supervisor and approved by the Personnel Director. All position descriptions are signed by the employee, the supervisor and the Personnel Director. Job descriptions are reviewed annually. All open positions have updated job descriptions. All position descriptions are reviewed in light of ADA.

  7. Employment Tests and Medical Exams
  8. Applicants for the position of cook are given tests which are used to assess ability to convert recipes read and understand recipes. Testing is given on the site of job.

    Medical exams are required for security personnel after a job offer is made. Medical information is presently kept in the employee's personnel file. Separate medical files will be established for each employee. The Personnel Director will have access and the supervisor will be able to review in the presence of the Personnel Director.

  9. Reasonable Accommodations
  10. UW-P has a reasonable accommodations policy in affect which is part of the Faculty Handbook. It will be provided to all classified employees via mailing.

    All interview letters to prospective employees will contain a statement concerning reasonable accommodations and will inform applicants whom to contact regarding reasonable necessary accommodations.

    The Personnel Director will evaluate, approve or deny requests for reasonable accommodations based on the following:

    Reasonable accommodations must be provided in three areas: in the application process; in the essential functions of the job; and in the benefits and privileges of employment.

    Some examples of reasonable accommodations would be:

  11. Physical Accessibility (Reviewed by Campus Planning Committee.)

  12. Employee Benefits and Services
  13. All fringe benefits are equally accessible to every employee regardless of disability. Some fringe benefits may be limited to limited term employees based on permanent/part-time or limited status and hours in position.

    Each employee meets with Payroll and Benefits Specialist individually concerning all fringe benefits. In addition all new faculty and academic staff participate in group orientation process at beginning of school year concerning available fringe benefits. Written material provided by Employee Trust Funds and UW System is provided to each new employee concerning fringe benefits.

    All training programs will be conducted at accessible sites on campus.

  14. Administrative Requirements
  15. Posters concerning rights and ADA will be posted in all buildings on campus. Information on posters will indicate whom to contact concerning rights under ADA.

  16. Outside Organizations
  17. Collective Bargaining Agreements reviewed by Department of Employment Relations.

  18. Ongoing Considerations
  19. UW-P ADA Committee will meet regularly to review and update ADA plan.

  1. Recruitment and Advertising
  2. All on-campus employers are requested to list openings with the office of student employment. All on- and off-campus jobs are posted on a bulletin board for easy access. The office of student employment may need to send out information to employers on the Americans with Disabilities Act and also post information in the office. In addition, it may be necessary to obtain information from off-campus sites regarding accessibility so the information is available.

  3. Applications and Interviews
  4. The student employment office keeps a card on file with basic directory information and work skills which is available for students to fill out if they want to have this on file. Individual offices handle the application, interviewing and hiring process. Offices may need to have information on compliance with ADA. It may also be necessary to send information to off-campus sites when contacts are made to hire a student.

  5. Job Descriptions
  6. On-campus employers are requested to send a copy of job descriptions for our files. The individual offices are responsible for maintaining job descriptions. We may want to ask individual offices to review and revise, if necessary, their descriptions in order to comply with the ADA. We will request a copy of the new descriptions.

  7. Employment Tests and Medical Exams
  8. Employment tests and medical exams would be handled by individual offices. ADA information should be sent to individual employers and/or workshops be held to ensure compliance.

  9. Physical Accessibility
  10. On-campus locations would be accessible. It may be necessary to inquire whether off-campus employers have this information available.

  11. Administrative Requirements
  12. The student employment office will post information on the ADA. It would be helpful to have a handout available for applicants as well as for the individual supervisors to ensure compliance.

  13. On-going Considerations
  14. The student employment office will continue to post information and review materials to make sure they are in compliance and make information available for individual supervisors and offices.