ADA Report on Unclassified Staff Employment

Recruitment and Advertising

When an unclassified (i.e., faculty or academic staff) positions are open, one of the first decisions that must be made is whether to search locally, regionally or nationally. In all cases, the opening is publicized through the weekly announcement email distributed campus-wide, the InterCom. Many openings are also advertised in local and regional newspapers. Job announcements are often sent to other colleges/universities in the region. When a national search is conducted, the typical recruitment plan includes posting an ad in the Chronicle of Higher Education and/or discipline-specific journals as well as sending out position announcements to colleges/universities nationwide. Sometimes additional recruitment occurs, such as phone calls to colleagues or networking at professional meetings. All open positions of 50% or more are advertised at the web site.

Before any advertising can occur, a recruitment plan must be approved by the dean or assistant chancellor for the area, the Affirmative Action Officer, and the Vice Chancellor.

  1. Advertising should carry a TDD number that hearing impaired individuals can use to call for additional information.
  2. Advertising should also carry an announcement that information is available in alternative (e.g., taped, large print or braille) formats.
Applications and Interviewing

Individuals applying for unclassified positions do so by submitting a letter of application, a resume, and either reference letters or the names/addresses/phone numbers of references; there is no application form used. A screening form and interview questions must be submitted in advance (to the dean or assistant chancellor, Affirmative Action Officer, and Vice Chancellor) as part of the process for gaining authorization to conduct interviews. Forms, samples and guidelines can be found in the University of Wisconsin-Platteville General Hiring Policies and Procedures found at web site Information on potentially discriminatory questions can be found at web site, and this information is also discussed when the affirmative action officer meets with search and screen committees. Selected candidates are then invited to campus for interviews. Section III-A-1 of the UWP Reasonable Accommodations Policy requires that those to be interviewed be notified of the opportunity for reasonable accommodation.

  1. The Hiring web site is being updated and needs to include a section specifically dealing with ADA, including information on accommodations. It already includes information on interview questions as related to ADA.
  2. Training should be held with department chairs concerning the hiring process.
Job Descriptions

Non-instructional academic staff positions have detailed job descriptions, but instructional academic staff and faculty positions do not since they all perform essentially the same function (i.e., teach classes and perform the other tasks associated with an instructional position).


Review all job descriptions in light of ADA.

Employment Tests and Medical Exams

No employment tests are required for unclassified employment, and the only medical exam is a TB test required after the person has been hired.

Reasonable Accommodations

UWP has a Reasonable Accommodations Policy and Procedures that applies to applicants for positions as well as employees. The policy is published in the Handbook for Faculty and Academic Staff and at web site Individuals being invited to campus for interviews are supposed to be notified of the policy.

  1. Provide training to supervisors about their obligations under ADA, including information on the Reasonable Accommodations Policy.
  2. Continue publication of the Reasonable Accommodations Policy but also send annual notice to all employees and notify all new employees of the policy.
Physical Accessibility

This is being addressed in the facilities section of the report.

Employee Benefits and Services

All fringe benefits are equally accessible to every employee regardless of disability. Each employee meets with Payroll and Benefits Specialist individually concerning all fringe benefits In addition, new faculty and academic staff participate in a group orientation, which includes information on fringe benefits. Written material provided by Employee Trust Funds and UW System is given to each new employee.

All in-service programs are conducted at accessible sites on campus.

Administrative Requirements

Posters concerning the ADA have been ordered from the EEOC and will be posted around campus. Audiocassette recordings of the information have also been ordered.

Grievances can be filed through the regular university grievance procedures. The Policy on Sexist, Racist, and Other Discriminatory Conduct is available at web site

Outside Organizations

No outside organizations are involved in the employment of unclassified staff.

Ongoing Considerations

A standing committee will be established to monitor compliance with ADA.